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    Posted June 27, 2014 by
    Kolkata, India
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    My religion is very simple, my religion is kindness - Dalai Lama


    This is an absolute no brainer. Islamism started nearly 1300 years back when the conqueror had a religious cause to loot, plunder, rape, kill and convert by the sword. It was a divine right and a mission to be fulfilled to secure a place in heaven. Islamism has continued unabated in its entire 1400 year history, western society woke up to this rude fact post 9/11. That Islamism was creeping into Western society right through the latter part of the 20th century had largely gone unnoticed. People were molly coddled into believing that it was a problem restricted to non western regions of the world and that the menace could be tackled essentially in a military way. Along the way silently but surreptitiously the community was gaining critical mass, it was the numbers game, to deliver the blow. Even the so called moderates of the faithful fell in line for the larger cause to release them from participating in the act of sinning of living in a liberal, democratic and free society where free will, human dignity and not divine ordinances and slavery to a belief was accepted by the kaafirs. When the numbers became critical the politicians fell in line with the political correctness about multiculturalism and one way tolerance. Western society was still asleep. 9/11 shook society out of this reverie and opened their eyes to their immediate neighbourhoods which were now swamped by an alien culture which was flexing its muscles and demanding their divine right even though they were just parasites who were sucking the system bone dry since their own homelands did not afford them this luxury. A political, legal and military movement had been unleashed the genesis of which can be found in the shifting sands of Arabia, calibrated and practised rather crudely at times over 1400 years. The West and western society was the new repository of this unwelcome guest by a more than welcoming host.
    A reaction was waiting to happen despite the bravest attempts by public figures and politicians to sound politically very correct. Islamophobia followed and naturally so but this was condemned across the media and civil society as basic intolerance and flawed understanding of another culture. Wrong, it was the correct reaction to a doctrine that believed in elimination and not dialogue. It believed in violence and not peace. Other parts of the world to the east of Arabia had experienced Islamism much earlier with disastrous consequences. Entire areas were cleansed, the kaafirs exterminated and those left were just converted. Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh are all part of this grand and crude plan over centuries. Islamism demands total surrender and separate identity for the flock so distinct from others that they should stand out. The reaction to Islamism in Eastern societies are communal riots so much so that even Buddhists find Islamism intolerable going by the events in China, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is because Islamism is very demanding that much of the Islamic world in the Middle East and some countries in Africa are on the boil, they just can’t stand deviant behaviour from their own, the non-conformists also become weirdos.
    Islam has also spread through the trade route. It entered the east much before the warlords. This form of Islam also known as Sufi Islam was a more sustainable form but always under threat for being a deviant behaviour akin to the kind practised by the kaafirs. Unfortunately petro dollars drives Islamism in much of the modern world, it is a naked quest for power and control, the principal players are of diffused identity but the aim and goal is clear – Islamism. Islamophobia will be a natural reaction because Islamism precedes Islamophobia by 1400 years. It is time for plain speak and not the behind the curtains kind of a dialogue, let the world go into the right direction to one of Peace and Prosperity for all.
    Islamophobia will rein in the Islamists and lead us on this path.

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