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    Misinformation & Autism

    I learned through trial and error what causes autism and how it is caused.

    I sought to explain a life long allergy that I never ever knew about.

    And what I found was the thing(s) that caused me to suffer from a variety of behavioral, learning and social disorders. Today all of those issues seem to be gone with the exception of the social things that remained because of choice rather than any disorder.

    Every time I see another story about a new fabulous study it kind of makes me angry because I know that the physical processes caused by the reaction the human body has to toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

    I know for a fact that all of the artificial additives cause swelling of the brain stem which in turn causes an increased pressure in something called cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is kept in a suspension of fluid, the same fluid that doctors test for diseases. This fluid pressurizes inside the skull (cranial cavity) because the swelling of the brain stem causes a disruption of the flow by putting physical pressure against the tubes, through which the cerebrospinal fluid travels up and down the spine.

    The combination of the swelling of the brain stem pressing against the delicate inner tissues of the brain and the intracranial pressure from the fluid that isn't flowing so well anymore on the outer surfaces of the brain.

    The doctors that have seen this theory think I might be onto something, I "know" I am onto something!

    The various symptoms of that happening is what I felt as I went through the entire gambit of foods trying to find our what I could and could not eat. I had to explain why I had that allergy. I had daily migraine headaches and I had those for so many years I can't begin to think about how many of my 52 years that really is?

    I learned that the human brain has no pain receptors, no nerves to feel anything that's inside of your brain so I think that means that if you feel pain in your head, it's on the outside of the brain. I took a look at anatomy and saw that there was nothing to explain my migraines.
    The brain stem extends out of the brain so it's not quite totally inside and it seemed like it was exactly where I felt my migraines. On the back of my head, near the base of the skull. The only thing there was the brain stem.

    The key to understanding how autism and believe it, or not all of the behavioral disorders and other disabiliies is the migraine headache and several other symptoms.

    Tinnitus is another, after exposure to any additives, I have a loud ringing in my ears. When I am additive free, no ringing! I have pressure behind my eyes, I can feel them being pushed outwards by the internal pressure.

    Any kind of problems in the area of the head can be attributed to the effects of exposure to the additives. including asthma and other problems. Bells Palsy and other nerve related disorders can be linked to this.

    So earlier this morning I saw this story posted on the Facespace, or was it Mybook? Which ever!

    Study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism
    Reuters By By Kathryn Doyle
    June 23, 2014 8:37 AM


    They try to find genetic reasons for such an epidemic like Autism.

    The problem which they have not yet discovered as of yet... Is the fact that Autism has been around for much longer than anyone can fathom.

    Jeffrey Dahmer.... is one example and Albert Einstein is another. Considering that the dyes were invented and introduced to the public as far back as the 1860s any problems including the behavioral disorders Sigmund Freud found around him while living in Germany during the late 1800s. Some like to argue with me, but the truth is that the entire field of psychiatry is built upon the cause and effect of chemicals on the human brain.

    There's nothing genetic about that with the exception of the genetic damage caused by the effects that the body has to the toxicity of all the chemicals used to make all of the artificial additives used in America today.

    If you can believe it.... Everything that I say about how the additives and what they do to your body is explained through the cause and effect of consuming chemical based additives has on literally everyone.

    How can it be genetic, how can it be pesticides? Pesticides can not be the cause, it may contribute to it, But there's no evidence to suggest that exposure to pesticides could reach so many people. That just doesn't seem possible.
    The one thing that most do not understand is that Autism is in laymans terms a collection of every mental disorder that would could ever have.
    My psychiatrist told me... after reading up on all of this, here and what I know through our conversations... He said that I have done more for psychiatry than all the medications ever produced.

    Q: What is it?
    A: It's brain dysfunction.

    I remember reading an article about a doctor who was doing some study and he found that the corpus callosum, which is a piece of tissue that in a manner of speaking divides the two halves, or hemispheres of the brain.

    This doctor found that the electrical impulses that travel through the corpus callosum in the brain of a non autistic. Did not travel through the corpus callosum of an autistic.

    The explanation and theory that physical pressure caused by the swelling of the brain stem explains how this could happen physically because the corpus callosum sits just about the brain stem.

    The explanation that obesity is caused by a variety of problems that the brain and body have through miscommunication caused by the swelling of the brain stem.

    The reason these theories are, or can be accurate is because they are accurate as a hypothesis of how physically autism can occur.

    ADD and ADHD are a part of the autism spectrum disorder, in fact since autism is a collection, or cornucopia behavioral and mental disorders.... all behavioral and mental disorders can fall into the perview of the spectrum.

    The physical nature of how autism occurs can be stopped with an organic and natural diet and lifestyle.

    The physical nature of autism as explained in my theories and hypotheses is accurate is you accept it as a possibility.

    That's all it is.... a possibility.

    A better (I believe) possibility than genetics, if it were genetic autism would be exclusive to one group, or race of people. Because the only thing that everyone has in common is the fact that 100% of every man, woman and child is and are allergic, or physically incompatible with the human body.

    If Autism is genetic than it's a problem with one race and one race alone.

    The human race!

    By saying that it could be pesticides that opens the door to make more money by creating another area to study and research. Instead of making an impact on everyone with autism, or depression, or any behavioral disorder by banning all the additives, They are bleeding everyone dry. A parent will spend every penny they have to help their child.

    Save your money for good natural wholesome foods, Stop relying on corporations to feed you especially when they don't give a damn about anything they give you.

    Misinformation, or misdirected information by the media with no hope, or sign of relief for the parents, or the autistic people.

    Studies take time and to be perfectly frank (Hi... nice to meet you, I'm frank)


    That's something that none of us can afford with regard to autism and what all of this is doing to our children.

    We need action now, not studies, not research. You want to help your child, or how about this.... you want to live to see your childrens children before you die? That's not going to happen if you continue to consume any artificial additives!

    If we don't ban the additives... Absolutely everyone will die of a slow and very painful cancer.

    All chemicals used to make additives cause cancer.
    Eating them means you will have cancer!
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