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    Posted June 28, 2014 by
    Peshawar, Pakistan

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    Plight of IDPs after Pakistan’s offensive against militants


    More than four million individuals had been migrated to Internally displaced people(IDPs) camps after full-fledged operation against militants in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) after an inclusive and long way of peace talks by the Pakistani government, which lasted after jet airstrike by Islamabad, on the hide-outs of militants in the area last week of the previous month, May this year.
    Full-swing military operation was started after Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) credited the attack on the busiest Karachi airport of Pakistan leaving many airport officials dead.
    Plight of the North Waziristan agency inmates after fight with militants by Pakistani military forces is precarious and disgusting as media reports claiming that there is lack of facilities provided to the migrants in the IDPs camps.
    Fata inmates are giving their sacrifices by leaving their homes and shifting for living in shelters in this dying hot weather as the area-FR Bannu, where the main IDPs camps has been set-up has temperature more than 45 degree Celsius.
    According to media reports these refugees have the problem of clean drinking water, proper sanitation and provision of proper food as some of the IDPs has complaint that the ration provided to them are of poor quality.
    Willingly to shifted to safe places or IDPs camps despite the facts that they are facing the music in this precarious situation are the real and full support of these peoples with Pakistan military forces who evacuated the area for Pak army so that there should be no hindrance in the way of operation ZarbEazb against militants.
    Important point which need to be addressed on priority basis, that Holy month of “Ramzan” is tentatively starting from 29h of this month and everyone knows that how much difficult is to fast in this scorch-hot weather inside the refugee camps, how much it is difficult to do “Sehri[pre-dawn meal consumed early in the morning by muslims in Ramdan]” out of their own homes ,how much it is thorny to do “Iftari[Meal taken at the evening when Muslimsbreak thier fast]" without proper arrangement of ‘Distarkhwan[cuisine]” and children playing around their mothers and asking for a piece of “Pakora[Fritter]” and waited for “Azan-e-Maghrib” while kids lamenting that we will start eating with you “Mamma’ because I am also on “Roza”(Fast).Displaced peoples have request from the government of Pakistan to direct/request Pakistan army to wrapped-up the operation against militants as soon as possible before starting of Ramzan.
    Children are the very most innocents’ souls affecting nowadays in the IDPs camps due to military operation.
    Would you have had noticed the feelings when the feather of the fan or blow of the Air condition stopped after light outages? Do you ever feel the burning hot weather in that time despite that you are under the proper shaded homes?yes,I am sure, you would have had must observed this intricate situation. Same is the case with the children and families living nowadays in the IDPs camps.
    They are facing the consequences of the operation ZarbEazb but providing full support to the Pak Army and most probably they will speak loudly “Pak Army ZindaBad”, we are with you in this unrest situation and we are supporting you for white washing our region from militants.”
    There is need of establishment of an Air-conditioned shelter home for the children of IDPs families and children under-10 should be allowed to stay in the AC-installed shelters. Meal should also be provided to these children in these special shelter home so that they shouldn’t bear waves of the flashing hot rays of the sun.
    Teachers should be hired voluntarily for these children in this special shelters home so that these children should be kept in-touch with the books and shouldn’t think about their plight otherwise these children would be the future militants.
    According to media reports, Government has refused to seek assistance from UN-affiliated bodies for aiding the IDPs of Waziristan in this wobbly situation. I don’t know the logic behind refusing foreign aid by the federal government for assisting the IDPs because in the entire world, countries are helping each others in such type of precarious situation.
    Some families have been reportedly barred from living in IDPs camps by the militants. These migrants are facing many difficulties because of living outside the govt established IPDs camps,so proper measurement are needed for assisting these out-of-IDPs-camps people which is reportedly residing in different parts of the country.
    Another issue is the migration of NWA displaced people towards Afghanistan and reportedly some of families are shifting towards Afghanistan “Khost” province. These families believing that Afghanistan warmly welcoming them more than the Pakistani government to the refugee camps. This is serious threats to Pakistani security,as this may be the safe way of shifting of militants to Afghanistan in the garb IDPs of So a proper check and balance should be imposed on Pak-afghan border.
    Islamabad should request Kabul federation for assistance in this regards otherwise fate of both the countries would be in severe threat.
    I am wondering after reading media reports that provinces other than Khyber Pakhtunwa deliberately or un-deliberately not allowing the IDPs of NWA to stay in their premises of their provinces. This is sad situation that citizen of the same country and same region are not allowing their own brethren and sisters who are the victim and badly affecting from the un-going operation. These Fata peasants are belongs to respectable and well-off families and they need our support, kindness and respect because they left their home towns just because of peace and prosperity in this country. These homeless people should be supported everywhere in Pakistan.
    They are homeless for us; they are facing the music for us, so that we should live in a peaceful environment.
    If these innocent people of Waziristan were not supported in this wobbly situation by the people of other region of Pakistan, they will never forgive us on the Day of Judgment.

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