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    VA Scandal Extends to the West

    The VA Scandal is not limited to just a few facilities. (The health care staff have always been great, but this report is more about the internal administrative/management practices.) I opted to resign recently because I could no longer take the high anxiety from constant harassment, intimidation, and hostility from VA supervisors, and being forced to falsify databases to make it appear we did more scheduling/contacting veterans than we actually did. We were always forced to do this, but management would tell us, that we were not lying, we were just correcting or updating the records to keep the numbers low and keep upper management off our a$$es.

    I am 100% disabled veteran, and former employee of the VA. I have written my senator AND the former (and current) VA Acting Secretary to report some of the things going on... To date, I have sent the letter twice, with no response on how we (the veteran-employees) were treated, as well as how we were forced to fudge the numbers for fake calls and appointments made.

    Seems like the VA Secretary and Senator Patty Murray (or their respective "constituent services" offices) really care about what I had to report. We were constantly cursed at, harassed, intimidated, bullied, and instructed to arbitrarily change/edit our numbers in the databases to "keep the numbers low." We were told several times, that "it's all just a numbers game." Integrity was one our core values in the military; evidently it is not for VA employees, and how VA management is trained to treat their staff and fellow veterans.

    I resigned in April 2014 and was unable to resolve the issue with the local VA management -- they would not even talk with me. Seems this goes much deeper than it appears, so that was why I sent my concerns to the office of the VA Secretary and Senator Patty Murray's office (locally and in DC).

    At this point, perhaps the media/public should know what is happening to us, and shed some light on the matter. This is not a partisan matter (Dems v/s GOP); it's a matter of caring for our Veterans, and the employees who continue their service to this Nation to provide better care for our Veterans. We risks our all to defend and protect this Nation, so that everyone else can enjoy all the rights and liberties therein, and the way we were treated (and forced to treat our veterans) is simply disgraceful. The VA is the largest health care system in the world, and I was utterly appalled at how archaic the system was.

    This was not a healthy or conducive work environment for someone like myself with my disabilities --- or ANY person suffering from the like… To think, this is the VA, who hires many other disabled veterans, and this is how they treat us, was just appalling and very sad to me. And this has forever altered my opinion of the VA.

    I have been a manager before…and have a great deal of training, education and experience, and this is NO WAY to manage effectively the good people who have served our nation honorably, selflessly and faithfully, and now turned to the VA for employment, to continue that level of service to our nation and in protecting and helping our fellow Veterans.

    Maybe someone will look into this, and maybe they won't. But I have always lived to do what is right and fair for all, not just a select few! When I couldn't get a response or resolution from my local VA management, that's when I decided to take it higher, and having received no response, is a clear indicator, they have no interest in this.

    Hopefully now, having shared my story, more people will be aware of it and come forward, if necessary, and report their knowledge of this VA scandal, which again, extends far greater than just a few facilities.

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