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    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Kernels - Friday, June 27, 2014


    Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

    News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Friday, June 27th, 2014.

    1. Norte Rio Grande - A Mexican police helicopter entered into US  airspace in Arizona early this morning firing shots near US Border  Guards. The Mexican government apologized and said it was a mistake. No  one was injured and it is not known who the Mexican authorities may have  been chasing. The area is known to have drug cartel activity.

    2. Droning On - Armed US military drones are now flying the  not-so-friendly skies over Baghdad. This is on top of reports that Iraq  is buying fighter jets from Russia which may require Russian pilots to  operate.

    In the meantime the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria  (ISIS) continues to grab territory and take more control of the nation  at war with itself.

    Looks like the Kurds in the northern  autonomous region are preparing to proclaim a Kurdish state independent  of unity with Iraq.

    The question remains: Why are we bothering  to meddle when the Iraqi Shiite government continues to align with those  not so favorable to the US or to our ideals of liberty?

    Did you hear about the addditional 1,000 Marines joining the other 1,000 Marines on standby in the Persian Gulf?

    3.Nervous Saudis - With ISIS continuing to take ground in Iraq the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is beginning to worry about when ISIS or other  terrorists organizations may set sight on the home of Islam's holiest of  holies.

    5. Tragedy or Homicide? - It's beginning to look like a  father who "forgot" his almost two-year-old son in a hot car while he  worked may not have been an accident after all, but rather a homicide.

    Information found on the computer used by the toddler's father, Justin  Ross Harris, who has been arrested on a charge of murder, indicate that  someone did a search on how long it takes animals to die in hot cars.

    It is not known whether it was Harris or someone else who conducted the internet searches or when those searches occurred.

    Part of me wants to believe this was a tragic accident in Georgia.  Another part of me wonders how a father could forget his son in a car  seat in a closed vehicle for eight hours while he worked.

    6.  Lost, But Found - The strange tale of a 12-year-old boy lost for two  weeks then found in his father's basement after the house and basement  had been searched repeatedly by Detroit Police and the FBI is becoming  more bizarre all the time.

    Now the story is his step-mother may  have been abusing the boy. The step-mother has now been arrested for a  probation violation unrelated to the boy's disapperance.

    The  story seems incredulous, but kids, especially boys, have been known to  pull some pretty talented stunts. Was this a stunt or a plea for  attention?

    7. Not Giving Up - Tea Party challenger Chris  McDaniel who tried to upset Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran in a coup  attempt during the GOP run-off election Tuesday is vowing to fight on  and not cede the floor. McDaniel is crying, "Foul", over Cochran  reaching out to black Democrats to put him over the top in the open  run-off election.

    Time for McDaniel to step back and wait until  the next door opens rather than nailing the door shut by refusing to  bow to the voters.

    A former McDaniel campaign worker has  apparently committed suicide after being exposed in a conspiracy to take  candid pictures of Cochran's invalid wife.

    8. Cornfield  Equality - My life-partner of nearly 10 years, Iohn, and I decided  Thursday to take advantage of the change in status to seek legal  recognition of our relationship on Saturday.

    This morning Iohn  called the Clerk of Court's office to insure the county was complying  with the judge's ruling. The person in the Clerk's office on the other  end of the line told Iohn that the county would issue a license to a  same-gender couple, BUT the county did not have the "right paperwork" to  do so.

    Read the full story: Creative Way to Say 'No' to Equality.

    Check out my position on the issue: Equality - Where I Stand.

    9. Tug of War - President Barack Obama and the Congress - especially  the Republican-controlled House of Representatives - are involved in an  intense contest of Tug of War. It's the classic battle that has raged  since the beginning of the Republic between the Legislative and  Executive Branches.

    The current tussle is the Executive Branch  (the President) trying to legislate through excutive orders while the  Legislative Branch (the House) attemtping to administrate the  departments and bureaucracies under the President.

    Time for the  President to concentrate on executing the legislation enacted by  Congress as written, passed and signed into law. Time for the Congress  to work together, write and pass legislation for the good of the country  and leave it to the President to faithfully execute those laws.

    True the President was spanked by the third branch, the Judiciary,  Thursday for acting unconstitutionally by trying to dictate to the  Legislature what is and isn't a recess. The Judiciary, however, hates to  get involved in these high-testosterone beefs.

    There are  constitutional questions, which the recess appointments were, and then  there are political questions. Most of what we are seeing play out falls  directly into the political arena.

    Find a way to work together  or voters (those who actually pay attention and vote) may get fed up  and neither Executive or Legislative will be happy.

    As People's Court Judge Marilyn Millian would say, "It's time for a little rough justice" from the voters.

    10. Ask and They Will Vote - If the Republican Party is serious about  reaching out beyond just old, white folk and winning elections and a  shot at the White House, it would behoove the Grand Old Party to listen  up.

    Right or wrong, Cochran had the right idea in Mississippi.  If you want the black vote or any other minority or segment of society,  you have to get out into the neighborhoods and ask for the vote.

    McDaniels has it wrong to be complaining that because Cochran went out  and knocked on the doors of black, traditionally Democratic voters,  doors the Senator tainted the party's vote.

    No, Cochran was expanding the party.

    Many voters, everywhere, either stay home or vote a party line simply  because no one bothered to stop by and make them feel their vote  mattered.

    Republicans, want the vote? Then ask. Get out into the communities and prove you appreciate every vote.

    Democrats don't get too comfortable and assume you have a given demographic's vote sewn up. You also have to stay in touch.

    That's what caught my attention for Friday, June 27th, 2014.

    Tune in Monday for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

    I am Mark Ivy.

    Good evening!


    THIS JUST IN at 9:25 p.m.: Mexico denies firing shots from helicopter.

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