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    Posted June 28, 2014 by
    Dover, Delaware
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    Living with a chronic illness

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    Living with Chronic Illness/Pain with No Cure

    I was diagnosed with RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) after an accident at work. It started out with a minor surgery and minor pain that turned into major surgery with extreme pain. This went on for many years, many doctors, psychiatrists, an ungodly amount of medications, physical therapy, lawyers. I have been to J.H.U. to the top doctors there who have agreed with my diagnosis. I have had a spinal cord stimulator implated after going through a pain pump trial and that failing.I have had to give up my nursing license, all of my friends, family, everything that I used to love to do (dancing,swimming,wearing high heels, dressing nice, exercising including walking 2 miles a day just about everyday) these are just some of the things I have had to give up. Some other things I cannot mention on this site and they are not what you would call "fun" activities, they are everyday activities between a husband and wife, I think you get the picture.I cannot handle the cold/heat, my feet turn purple,swell up, turn ice cold and feel dead, I have permenent numbness. I have multiple scars on my feet, leg, back and buttocks from the surgeries. I have attemped suicide multiple times due to the pain and the loses I have had to endure from all of this. Before all of this, I had a great career, a wonderful marraige, a happy family, friends and basically a descent life. Now I am just a shell of a person walking through what is left of a life untill my time comes to leave this world, which in my opinion cannot come quick enough! Depression and Anxiety take me over everyday and the only person I have left is my husband who suffers so much because he has to see me go through all of this and his life to has been ruined by all of this, but he refuses to leave. I have given him the permission to leave and start his life over and be happy, but he won't. He is the greatest man I know and deserves to be happy and I am just keeping him down. Currently, there are no cures for this diease and there are no support groups out there for this disease.It has only been realized as a true disease for a few years, before then much like Fibromyalgia it was thought of as a psychiatric illness. There needs to be more research and more help to help us who are sufferering from this horrible diease. SSI, Welfare and no other state assistance currently offers help to us who are suffering from this diease, so we are left with no income and cannot pay our bills.
    This is usually caused from an injury to a body part (arm, leg, foot, neck, hand) they re not really sure what causes it except that it is caused from trauma to that body part, in my case it was from a work accident, but my job refuses to accept responsibilty for this and in the meantime I have been fighting them and have no means of income except my husbands which does not even begin to pay our bills! People seem top forget when we bought what we have we had 2 incomes not one! I wish it were as easy as just sell our home and all we own and move on, if it were we would, the market is not in our favor, we do not own a huge home, it is a little Rancher and we do not have a lot to liquidate, we didn't have alot to begin with.
    I know I am not the only one out there suffering from an illness, but there are no support groups for my disease are help of any kind, all I want is some guidance as to how to get help? God Bless everyone out there who is ill, I hope you all get better soon.
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