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    Posted June 27, 2014 by
    Hughesville, Maryland
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    So say nearly 6 in 10 people who responded to CNNMoney's American Dream Poll, conducted by ORC International. They feel the dream -- however they define it -- is out of reach.
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    My American Dream is …

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    My American Dream To Be Able to Tell My Children The American Dream Is Not Dead


    Thomas Wolfe said "to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining opportunity...the right to live, to work. to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him".
    It is often said we have it easier than our parents and the generation before, 'The Father Knows Best Generation'
    The American Dream was a stable job, a nice home, plenty to eat, dependable transportation and few luxuries.
    Since those days technology has opened the door in every profession and every job field imaginable , changing the way America thinks and lives.
    What once took days or months to accomplish is now taken care of in the blink of an eye.
    We are a hurry up, throw away society, always expecting more and more. The phrase "and I want it yesterday"comes to mind."
    Our lives are stressful beyond belief. We have more single parent homes, as well as homes with both parents working in more than not, all trying to balance a living and family time.
    At this point in time America's economic situation is in danger of collapse. Unemployment, health care, rising fuel costs and a crumbling education system need a complete over haul. We all suffer.
    Alzheimer's and Autism as well a other neurological issues are steadily on the rise, with no true 100% scientific reason. Heart disease , cancer and diabetes top the health crisis situation.
    Stress, environment. What and why?
    Education programs are usually the first cut from government funding. Has it been right to graduate illiterate children just to say "No child left behind'?Children with physical handicaps and learning disabilities do not stand a chance in the public school system..
    Food shopping used to be an enjoyable experience, now just a dreaded chore. Not only the tremendous rise in food costs but not knowing if the food or merchandise we purchase is tainted with some toxic poison.
    The American dream of owning our own home is all but a passing whim. Foreclosures and obtaining a mortgage is all but impossible to the middle class and certainly for the poor.
    Violent crime is an everyday occurrence in our cities and rural areas as well. The threat of foreign and domestic terrorism haunts our dreams.
    What are we to do? What are we to tell our children and grandchildren? Are we to tell them there is no American dream? Do we encourage them to go to other countries to raise families? How can we ask them to stay if we really feel the American Dream is dead.
    If we give up and don't strive everyday to make this a better nation, working hand in hand, side by side, unified, regardless of religion, race, gender, sexual preference and political preference , we just might end up another third world country ourselves.
    We owe our leaders support, we owe our nation support and we owe the men and women who served and are serving our country more than saying the American dream is dead.
    We owe our children and grandchildren the right to have an American Dream.


    This is my American Dream. That our children and children's children can hold their head proud and say 'I am an American. The best country in the world' I have an American Dream.


    photo Janie Lambert July 21 2013

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