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    Posted June 27, 2014 by
    Richmond , british colombia
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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

    I always will be an American

    My name is ayman ali mohammad my story started in 1991 a week before my graduation in Jordan as a fighter pilot , I was suspended from becoming a fighter pilot, I felt that my life was ended right there , some how I managed with the help of people to go to the United States . I felt a live a gain from what I heard its haven, I managed $ 2000 to go and finish my dream as an aviator , I arrived to Texas thanks givinin of 1991 , I started flying again , I felt so alive while flying, a Until my family stopped sending me money , they had no money , so again I had to stop flying on my second attempt, my family were farmers and that season we lost all the harvests because of pricess. I had to work for the next three years to support them, I was an documented by that time, but no body would troll anything because it's America the land of freedom. 1995 I went back to school to riverside community college to study aero space engineering, whole I was walking in school I meet the Air Force recruiter from California state university San Bernardino, that time I already got married and I applied for a change of status, I asked the recruiter if I can join the Air Force in the united state, he didn't know it was for only citizens , so he advise me to go meet the commander , I did and it was the happiest day of my life, I found out that I can join that United States aor force and become a fighter pilot here. I thought me be good want me leave Jordan. I was proud I told my family , wife all the people I'm in the United States Air Force.
    Sure I wore the uniform and studied fir three years went to military basses flow in many aircraft, hay I was a n airforce, I even flow an F-16 fighter jet. No body was happier than me. The the next three years I was the happiest in the world. In my last years I was suppose to go to field training , but my papers at the immigration were stopped for a reason, I went to them so many times I even had the my commander writing letters to them, they wouldn't give me the approval to change my statue,. I lost the airforce dream again in 1998. Time stopped for me, I went back to work and study and trying to make a life a gain for me , at least I'm still in America . I had a good job a good life until 2001 when I was arrested on the by an immigration and an FBI agents because of 9/11 so there I go to jail lost my job my money everything I worked for my reputation ,, so I spent that month in jail in San Pedro , taking all that abuse I can handle from people calling me killer, terrorist and all that. I would get bail after a month and released from jail. What did I do I guess I was an Arab, or a pilot. I would move on with my life because you are tn the us anything can happen , I would get married from girlfriend , by a brand new house new cars an excellent job making 20000 a month, except I have to go to court every six month for my status. Even though I'm level married from a us citizen I kept fighting for the next 10 years but with no help. My case had no answer from the immigration or any one . My lawyer tried different things to try them to approve my case but there was so many excuses , such as the file is lost , your case is not with us , your papers filled wrong, until 01/14/2011 I was visited by 6 full combat ICE officers in my house , they told me that I'm out of status and had to down town, I went to down town San Bernardino and was put in jail for 4 months , they would not let me see a judge or anything , the immigration told my family that we don't want ayman to be in America, why I don't know.
    The weirded about all this is a month before I was arrested an FBI agent called my cell phone and told me if we can meet at a place in irvine to talk, I agreed, the agent told me that if I have explosives or anything I can make a bomb or guns or if I have threat any one to kill them, I told him I never done that and I have no attention to stap the country or the people who helped shape my life and family or heart them, I told I voulenterr to serve this country and give my life for it. I told him about the Air Force he was surprised he didn't even knee about it, I told him I have a top clearance to go to bases and fly fighter jets, he didn't believe me I told him I have the prove , he apologize to me and told me I'm sorry but my bosses have your name for last 10 years and all your phone calls were taped the last 10 years. Even though I'm deported know and outside the state I still think I'm an American you know why because a paper does not prove how you feel inside, I have the best 20 years of my life , I helped my brothers and sitters finish school college become doctors engineers teachers, all from the United States, I will never forget that , in side I'm a Jordanian American, and I'm proud of it.
    Thank you for everything
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