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    Posted June 28, 2014 by

    Japanese artist's mocking drawing of Japanese Military Sex Slavery infuriates the world


    This drawing titled as 'Sexy Lady' by a graphic Japanese artist Dai Inami is causing a huge controversy online as it mocks the victims of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (Comfort Women). The face of the woman in the drawing is stolen from the memorial statue in Korea, and it is infuriating many people around the world. Hundreds of thousands young women around the world were forcibly dragged away from their homes and raped, tortured and killed by the Japanese army during WWII. These women, including many teens, were imprisoned as sex slaves and each had to ‘serve’ about thirty Japanese soldiers everyday. Not many of the victims survived from the slavery as they were exposed to diseases and abused or killed when they resisted or tried to escape. Yet, the Japanese government still hasn’t made an official apology for what they had done. It has become a global issue that international organizations and governments are putting pressure on the Japanese government for an apology.
    But this drawing is just one example of the bizarre acts of Japan to somehow justify the sex slavery. It depicts a wrong image of the victims as ‘prostitutes’ with extremely sexual gestures. This is not the first time a Japanese tried to portray the victimized sexual slavery women as prostitutes. Last year, a similar pornographically manipulated image of the slavery victims - naked and posed - was posted on the Internet caused a huge controversy as well. The Sex Slavery, or rape and murder, cannot be justified and the history should not be distorted in any way. It is already a sore scar in too many people's heart, and such bizarre acts of Japan must be stopped now. What Japan must do is a sincere apology to the very few survivors who are still alive (many of them have passed away after their ongoing world-record protest since 1992 asking Japan to apologise*). The Japanese government should accept their past as it is at once and make sure that something like this never happen again in the future. Their ignorance towards the history is against humanity and unbelievably rude. The victims and their relatives do not deserve to be hurt again after what they had gone through. Let them hear the word “sorry” before it’s too late.


    The first image: Dai Inami's drawing posted originally on "Dribble" with the caption saying "The South Korean government says fake story to demean Japan"


    The second image: a similar image uploaded by a Japanese that caused a huge controversy last year (photo by Yonhap News Agency)


    The third image: the Comfort Women memorial statue in Seoul, Korea Republic


    *In South Korea, the survivors of the slavery have been participating on a protest that is held on every Wednesday since February 1992, and now only a very few of them are left because of their old age and health conditions(most of them had to go through a number of surgeries).

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