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    Posted June 28, 2014 by
    plano, Texas
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    Life in China

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    What if I was abandoned


    While I was working out at the gym last tonight, I happened to be watching the CBS evening news, and what I saw broke my heart. I could not control myself and began to cry…


    A couple discovered their newborn baby was not perfectly healthy, and had down syndrome. Instead of cherishing the baby and giving it love, they made a hasty decision when the baby was only 12 hours old to leave it at a “Baby Box”. A baby box is a place unwanted children are dumped off anonymously to be taken in by an orphanage. Unfortunately, this “Baby Dump” had closed, and no one came for pickup. The little baby was found dead the next morning.


    click on the link to see the story : A look at China’s “baby hatches” for unwanted infants: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-look-at-chinas-baby-hatches-for-unwanted-infants/


    I am sure no parents wish to have a abnormal baby, hoping only the best for their child. Isn’t it the dream of all parents to have a child who has a great future, carry on the family name, and be successful?


    But who is to say that this unfortunate child was not destine to be great? Perhaps someone special? Do we not all have some unique talent or a gift that makes this world a better place? This little baby may have had something extraordinary to offer society. But this little girl will never have that chance because her parents didn’t believe in her……they saw her as imperfect, a burden….


    Does anybody, even the parents, have a right to say imperfect babies are useless?


    As I wiped my tears, I thought about my own situation. I had also been born with disabilities and the doctors told my parents I would never be able to take care of myself , or live a normal life.


    They even urged my parents to have other kids, since I would be worthless and of no use. You might say they gave me a “Death sentence” from the day I was born. Lucky for me, my parents did not listen to the doctors and chose to devote all their love to me, and me alone. They had no idea what the future held for me, or what type of person I might become, but they didn’t give up on me.


    In time, their love and devotion paid off, and I became a productive member of society. I am now pursuing my passion to become a speaker/author, with a burning desire to help others realize their potential.


    I turned out Okay, but what if my parents had abandoned me? Would I have suffered the same fate as this little baby girl? And isn’t it possible that this little girl would have done something amazing if she had been given a little love or the chance to live, as I had?


    Just look at kids like Zhou Zhou. ZhouZhou was born with Down syndrome just like the little girl.


    One day, a documentary was being filmed with ZhouZhou’s father, who was a cellist in a local classical orchestra. An assistant noticed ZhouZhou was mimicking the conductor perfectly as the orchestra played, and jokingly asked him if he would like to conduct the piece. He picked up the baton without hesitation and the orchestra went along with it. A stunned silence followed his performance, and the rest is history.


    Today, following performances with the National Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, ZhouZhou is a respected conductor worldwide and is known as the only performer of his caliber who cannot read music.”


    Then there was Liu Wei (born October 7, 1987) is a Chinese disabled pianist from Beijing who won the first series of China’s Got Talent at the age of 23 by playing the piano with his toes.


    Listen to his music, simply amazing: Armless Chinese Man Wows Audiences By Playing Piano With His toes you can fast forward it to minute 5.


    Imagine what the little girl who died in a “Baby Box” may have become…… She may have an ability more special than any of us…….If only she had been given the opportunity to simply live…..

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