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    Posted June 28, 2014 by
    District of Columbia

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    Military Suicide(s)

    Please follow this link and read the transcript for the interview with Dr. Ronald Kessler of Harvard Medical School.


    In the Intro... GWEN IFILL says: As American involvement, including multiple deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, winds down, a recent and disturbing trend is drawing new attention: an increase in the rate of Army suicides. And new research shows soldiers may be at greater risk even before they enlist.

    This is exactly what I have been talking about.
    Everyone consuming artificial colors, flavors and preservatives is suffering from a wide variety of behavioral disorders. I tried contacting the Surgeon General for the Department of Defense before and nobody bothered to write back.
    They went to war for me and I care about them and I don't want a single one to kill themselves for anything they think they did that might have been hard to see, or do. They were doing a job and for that they are greatly appreciated and worth a great deal to the American public! Jeffrey Brown is the interviewer talks about some research funded in part by the U.S. Army among the key findings: One in 10 soldiers qualified for a diagnosis of what’s known as intermittent explosive disorder. That rate is six times higher than in the civilian population. Soldiers also came into the Army with a higher rate of behavioral disorders such as substance abuse or ADHD than civilians. (caused by the chemical additives)

    Intermittent Explosive disorder? That's a fancy name for a bipolar disorder, it's the same thing. (caused by chemical additives!)

    My psychiatrists says that I have done more for psychiatry than all the medications ever produced to treat all the disorders.

    Now if I could get those people who think they know what's going to hear me.... we might end up doing okay after all? Who knows?

    Dr Kessler is one of the principal investigators to uncover some knowledge about what's going on with everyone.

    "DR. RONALD KESSLER, Harvard Medical School: Well, the extent of the problem is that roughly 18 out of every 100,000 soldiers commit suicide every year.

    So we’re talking about really still quite a small number of people, but it’s higher than the civilian population. And I was involved in the part of the study that looked at surveys to try to understand what the risk factors might be for these suicides."

    Even one is too much.

    It's not too hard to understand.... You go to war and you fight and see things that you can't unsee, things that hurt your heart and soul to the core.
    In and of itself, it is extremely devastating to persons mental health!

    Then you take into consideration that military foods aren't filled with a bunch of toxic crap then you can understand that they are in a sense without knowing it already on a natural and healthy diet. Because it's required.

    Now come back home, start eating all of the things that you loved before you went to war.... And whamo..... you're hit with all of the reactions to the chemicals and if you can believe it, it is because of the physical pressure against the delicate tissues of the brain that so many people (not just the military) are out in public.... losing it.

    It would be the same thing that would happen to me if tomorrow I went have had a fast food breakfast, lunch and dinner. By the time I am ready to go to bed that night... I'd more than likely check myself into a hospital.

    It seems like every week we read about another kid who wanted to shoot, stab, kill, maim at their school because of the behavioral disorders that caused the bullies to bully someone else who has other behavioral disorders and everyone including the parents has no clue that any of this is going on.

    I hope that I can get everyone to understand that the toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives used in foods, beverages, drugs and pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, lotions, creams and even your make up, eye liner, cover up, mascara all contains a bunch of chemicals that your body and mind cannot handle. This is because those chemicals are not good for us to have, our bodies (mine included) react in such a way that should tell us/me I can not have this stuff and I need to not have anything that contains any of it at all. It causes me to have a migraine headache a fever, dizziness and other symptoms of an anaphylactic type reaction. It can cause your throat to constrict mimicking asthma and can cause all sorts of problems with your body mind and ability to function properly, including not being able to think straight. There is no limit to the types and ways the additives can effect the human mind.
    Everything you can imagine, addiction, stress, confusion, epilepsy, autism, alzheimers, add, adhd and every single solitary behavioral disorder known today is effected, if not caused by the additives.

    I've found that I don't dream, you know... like regular dreams, in fact the only time I have any kinds of weird dreams.... it's after I ate something that had an additive in it. Most often this is what happens when I get EDTA.
    I've been sick for the past two weeks because I ate a pizza and somehow it had some edta in, or on it. Maybe she sliced it up with the same roller she used to cut a flat bread sandwich with mayo on it. Either way I still have about two more weeks of this to go through until the formaldehyde and cyanide are finally purged, or cleansed from my body, it can take a month for the EDTA to get out! (based on my experiences)

    DR. RONALD KESSLER: Well, you can’t join the Army if you have a serious mental disorder. If you have made a suicide attempt in the past, you’re not allowed to join the Army. If you’re schizophrenic, have other psychotic disorders, a bipolar disorder.

    Based on that part of Dr. Kesslers statement.... not one of the military personnel we have should be in the military because absolutely everyone is effected by the additives and everyone is suffering from some sort of disorder whether they know it, or not!
    And I think that's the most disturbing part of the whole story because people will argue with me and say there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.


    "Dr. Kessler: Probably up to 40 percent, 50 percent of the population at some time in their life has had some mental disorder. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re all psychotic. You can have the common cold of mental disorders, where you could have a fear of dogs or of small spaces or a fear of speaking in public, or, after you loss a job or broke up with a girlfriend, maybe you were depressed for six weeks or so. Those all count as mental disorders. And if you were to exclude all of those people, there wouldn’t be many people left to join the Army."

    The one and only thing that will help children with Autism, ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, Adults with bipolar manic depression mood swings, trouble sleeping trouble staying awake literally everyone, every where who has any OCD, or even a fear of anything and nothing. Even the police officer that slice a dogs throat, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Judge who threatened to kick some lawyers butt.

    The only thing that will help all of America is for the FDA to immediately ban the use of all petroleum based coal tar dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives from everything. just stop using everything right now.

    Stop and then find natural things to do the jobs the chemical additives did. Forget Shelf life, lets worry about human life. What's more important, money, or living and living? I don't think it's too much to ask for them to stop this. I think as many other corporations have already done.... either the additives go, or you will have to start paying for all the damage that your chemicals have done to the entire population.

    Hey Mr. Corporate CEO guy....

    We the People would like to talk to you and your share holders about something important that has come to our attention.....

    Lets talk about reparations!
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