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    Posted June 29, 2014 by
    Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
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    Time capsule houses

    Berks County, PA Mid-Century Home Love Affair

    1. What are the challenges of selling a home like this?

    The mid-century home reminds me of bell bottoms. If you wait long enough they will be back in style. Mid-century homes have seen a rise in popularity over the last several years. The challenge in selling a home like this lies in the way it has been treated over the years. Many MCH (Mid-Century Home) purists want the property with all the original fixtures. Once they are remodeled to later standards the purist is done. On the other side of the coin are the buyers that want all the modern amenities and fixtures. They can get it in the remodeled MCH but the floor plan is less desirable to them. The lack of closet space and high ceiling architecture is non-existent in most of these homes.

    2. What kind of clientele usually looks for this?

    The MCH purist, as stated above. Most times I see people who are in their 40's & 50's looking at MCH. I have asked several what draws them to the style. The most consistent answer is that it connects them with their youth and/or a special person in their life such as a parent or grandparent who owned a MCH.

    3. Is it sometimes easier to sell due to its unique nature?

    Yes...Whenever I am confronted with a seller of a MCH I urge them NOT to listen to all the people telling them to remove the wallpaper, wall murals and other characteristics that make the home special. Leave it as it is. If it is not broken or completely worn out leave it alone. Sell what you have not what everyone thinks it should be.

    4. Tell me what makes this particular home unique.

    MCH properties are unique in many ways. The first being the products that make up the home. Unlike today's new homes the materials used to build a MCH were meant to last a long time. The sub-floors are natural hardwood (this was the era before plywood existed) the wood timbers were mostly made of cedar wood which is less hygroscopic than the SPF #2 hybrid timbers used in most homes today. There are walk-up attics and full brick exteriors, plaster walls and real fireplaces as well. You will find no engineered trusses here.

    The other thing that makes the MCH unique is location. This is something that gets lost in the shuffle of time. These homes were built at a time when the suburbs were really the suburbs. Now many suburbs have been engulfed by urban growth. The suburbs of today used to be hamlets years ago. Now with more people moving closer to conveniences due to high gas prices and even tighter schedules the urban areas are looking better. Just like bell bottoms, they (and their location) are back in style. It is like a new home community...The best lots sell first. Well, the MCH are on the best lots because they were the first subdivisions.

    5. Have you dealt with a fair number of homes like this?

    Many...The Berks County and Reading, PA area was once a haven of prosperity and suburban growth. Read this article I wrote about 3 months ago. It is full of interesting facts about my area. MCH are a hit around here. We have Whitman Splits, Hayes Splits, Sterling Ranchers and many more Mid-Century architectural treats. http://jeffreyhoguerealtor.com/berks-county-property-taxes/berks-county-pa-blight-cake/
    Read the following article I wrote a couple years ago relating to MCH's... http://jeffreyhoguerealtor.com/berks-county-home-buyers/renovation-and-mid-century-homes/

    Thank you for this opportunity. I hope this information is enjoyable. Please consider a (follow) backlink to my web site http://jeffreyhoguerealtor.com

    Jeffrey C. Hogue
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