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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    My secret weight loss tips that work


    Back in December of 2013, my trainer’s “lying scale” said I weighed 183 pounds. (Of course, I love taking my usually lowest weight at home first thing every Friday morning, not heavier weight readings at the gym.)


    Anyway, now that it's almost July 2014, I'm happy that the scale read 155.6 pounds the last time I jumped atop the one in my bathroom. Thank the Lord I can attribute a lot of that nearly 30-pound loss to joining a boot camp and learning new tricks to add atop the things I've already learned about weight loss, but hadn't always put into practice.


    Nearly everyone who wants to lose weight knows the standard advice most experts give for effective weight loss: eat less, move more. Sure, it's true that tips like filling your diet full of fresh fruits and veggies along with getting proper exercise can definitely be the key in losing weight, but many dieters need those extra tips and motivational factors that other thinner people are already practicing.


    To that end, here are a some lesser-known ways that those seeking to lose weight may be able to shed more pounds:


    #1: Kick up the spicy food intake


    According to the heath website Muuve, adding hot spices to your diet could help accelerate your weight loss efforts. Therefore, as long as you're not allergic, sprinkle cayenne pepper in your eggs and add some jalapeños to your dinner to see if that revs up your metabolism and peels off extra pounds.


    #2: Sweat it out in the sauna and steam room


    I've always suspected that my steam room and dry sauna sessions after my workouts helped to contribute to my weight loss, so much so that I searched for research on that matter. It turns out that recent findings claim that the manner in which hot rooms like those raise their users heart rates could contribute to calorie burning and be an important healing and recovery factor after a run. So although there aren’t hard numbers to add to the kind of calorie-burning a steam room stint can provide, I’m all for laying around in a hot room relaxing if it provides stress relief and helps with shedding inches.


    #3: Go gluten-free as a test


    The book titled “Wheat Belly” is a best-seller for a reason, with its groundbreaking claims about how genetically-modified wheat and gluten are contributing to weight gain, so much so that even triathletes who hadn’t yet give up gluten still found themselves with a difficult to lose middle. Try going gluten free as a test to see if it’ll help you drop pounds. I told myself I’d try it for eight days, but enjoyed the slim-down benefits so well that I extended it for much longer.


    #4: Play tricks with yourself


    I oftentimes use little rituals in order to help myself keep my weight intact. For example, I'll bring my dinner on a plate to our bedroom, but I won't bring dessert, forcing myself to get up later to retrieve a cookie. Even then I might not bring two cookies, but make myself get up for seconds. Sometimes I won't feel like it's worth the walk, so I'll skip the extra calories and simply wait for the next day to eat more.


    #5: Write it down...


    ...or, more specifically, type everything you eat into a weight-tracking app like My Fitness Pal, because experts claim that a good 40% or more of those who write down what they eat daily will lose weight.

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