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    Posted June 30, 2014 by
    Tacoam, Washington

    Tomato Ruxol - The Recipe a Grandma Found and we All Overlooked

    Grandma's always have their old secret recipes. Well, this particular grandmother in Tacoma had kept her secret for more than 50 years. Tomato Ruxol is what she calls it. I've gotten her permission to share this wonderful recipe with the world and found ireport the best place to do so. Without further delay, let's get in to the details.

    Tomato Ruxol Ingredients

    There are 4 ingredients involved in Tomato Ruxol. First is tomatoes (duh) - get the freshest you can find. Next is basil. Third is salt and fourth is......drumroll.....sardines!

    Not only is Tomato Ruxol about the ingredients, but the preparation is equally as important. The tomatoes should be dried and baked and almost melt into a cup shape (which holds all the other ingredients). Check out the picture for what the tomatoes should look like.

    After that, let the sardines, basil, and salt soak and let those sardine juices basically make a stew in the tomato. The tomato ruxol recipe originator mentioned to let the sardine concoction soak for 45 minutes on low in the oven or else the flavors won't quite get to where they need to be.

    Regarding proportion, you should have about 1/3 of an anchovy per Tomato Ruxol (pictured). Slice the sardine up into bits to make them fit reasonably inside the baked tomato.

    Well the cat is outta the bag! The Tomato Ruxol recipe so many have wanted to know about in North Tacoma is now public! Go give it a try - and remember the freshest ingredients make that taste pop really nicely.
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