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    Posted June 30, 2014 by
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    We are losing the power to choose


    The Redskins trademark and the mandated contraception health care are the main points I want to go over.


    The government patent office removes the Washington Redskins trade mark. Because they believe that it is derogatory. There are much worse trademarks out there: http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/18/12-trademarks-declared-less-offensive-than-redskins/


    But since when was it the governments job to tell us what is right and wrong? If a business is doing something wrong, we as the people should have the right to not use their service. When did we lose the right to make these choices? Why can't we just not go to stores we approve of. If the majority of people agree that its offensive or wrong, the company will go out of business. If they still make a profit than enough people support the name and it is what it is.


    This same concept applies to mandating all companies to pay for contraception and health care in general. But lets just focus on the contraception. While a business is not a religion, It can be started by someone who is religious and puts that as a premise for their business. If the business owners as a majority believe that this would go against the religious faith that is the backbone to their work, why do the lose the right?


    Just as the people who are applying for a job for a business should be fully aware of the health care plans and what the DO and DO NOT offer before joining the business. You have a right to choose the place you work. If a company does not follow your culture/beliefs/work ethic. DO NOT WORK THERE. If a society follows your viewpoints, the business will not have any workers and they will either change to conform or go out of business.


    These are just two out of many cases in which the government gets involved and dose not allow people to practice their rights to choose. Every day I feel like we are losing our rights as free people to make choices. We would rather have the government make them for us. This will hurt us one day when we start to see that we cannot make choices anymore like we thought we could.

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