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    The middle ground on abortion and gay mariage

    I figured I might as well jump into some sticky areas where I defiantly feel trapped in the middle on them, but in the end i found my own resolve for these issues and I hope others understand that this follows the theme of my message: It is not the governments job to manage social issues, we the people should be managing them.

    Gay Marriage:
    Simply put, people who like the same gender want to be able to get married in the courthouse and have the same benefits as a heterosexual couple. Whats the big deal? Its not the governments place to judge people based on what kind of people they like. Religious people are against it because it taints the religious ritual of marriage.

    Why do we have to get "married" in court? We should get domestic partnerships in court which entitles you to the same benefits as a married couple.

    If you want to be married, go to church, the church has the right to refuse service, thus keep their beliefs alive and well in their own communities. I am religious and I go to church. I am glad to be with people who are like minded in that way, but it is not my place to extend my beliefs or opinions onto people outside of my community, that is between the individual and their relationships or lack of with the man upstairs.

    The government once again should not be involved with these things. Equality is the main thing they should focus on, and keep all religious opinions to out. Separation of church and state.

    Abortion has been going on since on for well over 3,500 years. It will always go on. Is it right or wrong? Well its really up to the pregnant woman and her situation, not up to anyone else. Why? because we live in a country where we have the right to make choices and if she is going to do it anyway, she should have access to a clinic rather than use a hangar or down liquids that could kill her, the child or just grossly deform the child at birth. Now of course there are logical limits to abortion, such as 6 months pregnant you are kinda stuck with it now. Common sense there, However, the first few weeks is a time in which you have that option. Where it's a grey area of is it alive or not... etc.

    Church, you have a right to believe this is murder, and it is wrong. But do not make the government enforce this for you. Your job is to spread the gospel, your believes aid people who need it. As your community grows and people see the wrong in this they will actively make the right choices through your council. Just as the government infringes on a religious business on birth control and other laws that restrict religion. See what a mean? Its a double edged sword there.

    If you promote your believes in a peaceful and non-aggressive way, you could prevent abortions. This is the path that you should take. Just like the rights to own weapons, practice your faith and protest.. let them have their rights, they do not affect you at all.

    Government should not fund abortion clinics. I am against any government subsidizing abortion. This is a choice, its a business, let them make their own money and do it. Government should never play favorites in these kind of social issues, allow society to make the choices.

    I personally do no like abortion, it bothers me, i feel that we as people need to be more responsible so we are not in situations where we need abortions. However, it is not my place to judge or tell another person if they should do it or not. If they ask for my opinion, I will say "I love my kids and I'm glad they are here today."
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