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    Posted June 30, 2014 by

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    3 Simple Steps to Stop the Blaming & Complaining and Get Happier Kids!


    Parenting tips for busy moms and dads for how to get happier and more grateful children, and to be happier and more grateful themselves. You can use the tips no matter how busy you are or your family is!


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    So here's one thing we can all do this week, no matter how busy we are, to start getting happier & more grateful children and to be happier & more grateful ourselves: Stop the Blaming & Complaining!


    No matter how positive we think we are we all blame and complain now and then - some of us more than others! But here's the thing - for the most part it isn't good for us and it's not good for our kids.


    When we're blaming and complaining we aren't being grateful. When we're blaming and complaining we're:


    Focusing on what we don't have instead of all of the things that we have to be grateful for

    Focusing on the negative

    Not taking responsibility for ourselves or our choices

    Giving other people and things power and control over us and our lives instead of being in control ourselves

    Blaming and complaining is usually a waste of time and energy, doesn't accomplish anything, and often stands in the way of actually getting what we want. Simply put, it doesn't make us happier or more grateful!


    Think about the last time you were blaming or complaining, how did you feel when you were done? Did you feel happy, positive, grateful, optimistic? Probably not. More than likely you felt angry, sad, upset, unhappy and/or ungrateful.


    Well, this week is all about breaking that habit and choosing to focus on the positive, to take 100% responsibility for ourselves and for our choices and to teach this to our children as well.


    This week is all about awareness - paying attention to your thoughts and helping your children pay attention to theirs. We'll do this, as always, by being the example because if we want our kids to practice what we preach, we have to practice what we preach.If we want our children to stop blaming and complaining, we have to stop blaming and complaining.


    Watch the video to find out the 3 super simple steps to stop the blaming and complaining in your home and get happier and more grateful children and be happier and more grateful yourself.


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    See you soon!


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