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    New app helps keep you connected to city life: Wutzwhat a must have for tourists and urban dwellers

    By Paul Fitzgerald

    Aaron Tench (pictured above) has a pretty unique outlook on life.

    The 23-year-old entrepreneur and President of the new mobile app Wutzwhat is hailed as an up-and-coming prominent business guru in Toronto’s tech startup community, and contends that there are solutions to everything.

    Obstacles are just small bumps in the road.

    A case in point was not long ago during his high school days while living in Northern Ontario - a locale commonly referred to as God’s Country. Heavy snow and unbearable freezing temperatures are a reality a few hours away from North Bay during the winter months.

    While everyone he knew at school complained they could never get around due to the bad weather, his snowsuit and snowmobile turned into the next big idea. A trendsetter, this is how he traveled back and forth to school. Not long after, his fellow classmates joined him on the trek to class; up hills, and across frozen lakes and long stretches of snow-covered fields.

    Fast forward to now, and Tench is proving to be just as forward-thinking and solution-driven in every sense.

    When he moved to Toronto from his small remote community, he turned on his trusty smartphone to check out cool places to hang out and find the best dining, entertainment and sporting experiences. To his dismay, however, there was no single resource online that met his needs.

    So what did he do? Simple. He formed a team and created a unique and user-friendly app that now keeps everyone in the know when visiting major city centres.

    Wutzwhat launched only a month ago, and already hundreds of users are utilizing it to feel like locals when visiting Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Even those who reside in these cities are relying on the app to satisfy their desire to rediscover their cities in today’s hyper-live-digital-world.

    “People love our app, and we are getting tons of amazing feedback,” says Tench. “What we are hearing most from tourists using Wutzwhat is that they instantly feel like locals. They can find the best places to hang out and get in on all the best events.”

    Tench and his team of curators, photographers, writers and engineers are the ones who do all the research and upload information for users. Soon more cities will be added and featured on the app.

    The app will also offer a VIP Perks System this summer, wherein users can purchase unique experiences and packages offered by the businesses featured on Wutzwhat, and offered exclusively for purchase within the app.

    Corey Herscu, a spokesperson for the application, says they are looking forward to introducing the Perks System and expanding the app to include other major cities in North America and around the globe.

    “We are growing, and it’s all happening so fast,” says Herscu. “We are excited to be having a positive impact on people who travel and who need a one-stop-spot to discover the best local experiences in their destination of choice. Locals are using Wutzwhat in a big way as well. Our goal is to hit 10,000 users soon, and grow to 300,000 by the end of the year. With the response we have received so far, we are more than confident that our app will be a staple for travelers and locals alike.”

    Tench adds, “What our app really does is save people time. With the local edge Wutzwhat provides, you are constantly in the know. You can spend your time and money more effectively, and avoid tourist traps at the same time.”

    Tench indicates he is glad he formed a company and created a new app that keeps people in the know.

    “This venture has not been easy,” he reflects. “It’s taken a lot of planning and a lot of time to get off the ground but it’s all truly worth it. My entire team takes full pleasure in knowing that we are making a positive difference in the lives of others.”
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