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    Posted June 30, 2014 by
    Edingburg, Texas
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    The Good, The Bad, The Truth By: Rocio Alonso & Brandy Pineda

    As the election year draws closer, the assumption that the issue of immigration through the United States and Mexican border will intensify and become the big ticket issue in D.C. seems to hold true. People across the country often close their minds and become increasingly partisan to one idea, primarily in reference with Border Patrol agents and immigrants that cross illegally. No system is perfect, however, individuals, with the power to make a difference, must be open to multiple sides of an issue and realize that on each side, federal and immigrant, there are individuals that follow the path of morality or amorality.

    As a branch responsible for the safety of the American people, the question rises in many minds of how the Border Patrol’s violent reputation formed if they are held accountable under government regulations. Acknowledging that every system has flaws and unethical employees, one must understand that a reputation of that gravity could not have come about without some aspect of truth. This brings to mind the horrific details of excessive force, brutality against immigrating people, violation of human rights and discrimination. However, one must take into account the risks, responsibilities, and loyalties of the Border Patrol agents. Because of the severity of what these agents see and feel, their mental health, in addition to physical health sustains extraneous stress. The work they do is to provide safety, security, and protection, and in fact, do so for the country and the victims of human trafficking, exploitation, extortion, and natural threats. The agents of the Border Patrol have those responsibilities, but their loyalty determines the choices that they make when on duty. Ultimately, these individuals are human beings that uphold laws that they do not determine, however the method of doing so varies between the preexisting conditions of good and evil.

    Being unfamiliar and new, individuals entering the country illegally are often unwelcome and misunderstood. The misinterpretations surrounding illegal immigration often includes the fear of dangerous individuals entering the country with malicious intent. Due to the violence, drug and human trafficking, warfare, and discrimination that accompany immigrants when crossing the border, stereotypes largely tarnish the name of hard working immigrant men, women, and children. The motivation these individuals possess lays in the desperation brought on by those circumstances; however whether the intents of crossing revolve around a search for better opportunities or ungodly endeavors varies between every immigrant just as the balance between good and evil varies within each Border Patrol agent.

    The issue of immigration should not be forgotten as the next election draws near, especially when considering the extent at which the American people and economy are influenced by immigrants and their important, but neglected roles. When considering which side to stand by, one must understand that the situation is not merely black and white, and so the morals of human nature range in all individuals, regardless if they are immigrating or protecting this nation.
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