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    Chelsea Clinton doesn’t care about money – good grief – how low can the Clinton stoop?

    Ok, she is a single child with parents having made over 100 million dollars since 2001. She went to Sidwell Friends private school costing over $20k per year + extra’s, Stanford University upwards of possibly $60k a year and a master’s degree at Oxford with up to $10k a class + extras like flying back and forth and the such. She gets a TV job that she makes around $12k a minute calculated for the time actually on TV. Never mind jetting off to Paris for fashion shows with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Did I mention her 3- 5 million dollar party wedding at the Astor Courts – a private French styled mansion overlooking the Hudson, or her 10.5 million dollar apartment? Maybe throw in her husband’s personal wealth of $15 million and her own $15 million and that about sums it all up.
    It is perfectly clear that the Democrats demonized Romney as a 1% that was out of touch and the Clintons are pretending to not be in that category while they look out the mansion and limousine window at the little people. So, who is so stupid to believe more Clinton lies? Does a truck have to hit you in the face to see this?
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