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    Posted July 2, 2014 by

    The Fate of the American Empire


    Dear editor,

    What is the typical duration of a super powers reign at the top of the geo political playing field? History subjectively answers that question with several different examples. The Roman Empire arguably lasted over a thousand years before it imploded and was eventually ransacked by Germanic tribes. During its height, the German empire of the 20th century controlled a large portion of Europe before it too was toppled by the will and might of the Allied powers. History is relentless in the birth and death of an empire. Similar to other domains of the past, The American Empire was forged through the will to escape oppression and the inevitability of what revolution can endow upon a nation, unity. The founding fathers believed in unity so intensely that the characteristic itself was placed as the title of this very nation to remind the people of its dire significance, yet today we defy that unity for political power and personal agenda. Does the average American really believe that he or she is embodied by our representative democracy? How can that be so when the wealthy spend millions of dollars to curb the tide of elections for agendas that the average middle class citizen can't even fathom? One can not even hope to compete in any election at any level unless they have amassed a large portion of wealth, however politicians of today claim to represent America's middle class.

    Thomas Jefferson stated "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." What demonstrates tyranny more than a violation of one's personal livelihood? Why does the NSA "fear" the people enough to encroach into their personal lives? Does the government for see a catastrophe on the horizon? Although that may be drastic in idea, one cannot resist the urge to wonder. On the other hand Democrats and Republicans can't seem to even agree on anything to move this country forward, yet they agree on the dead end path this nation is headed. Immigration is an issue that effects every tax payer in the country yet the Speaker of the House claims that nothing can be done this year. The nation's debt is in the trillions yet Democrats continue to grow the government at a quicker rate than ever before and add to the spending.

    Jeffery Toobin of CNN says that the decision of the Hobby Lobby case of the Supreme Court was "purely political". Is that not corruption? Are we not for the good of the country but for the nod of a party? Here's a simpler question, does America think anyone is watching, perhaps China, Russia or Iran? One can only hope that America can trust in its future generations to avoid the downward spiral that has led to the inevitable death of histories mightiest empires of the past.   

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