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    Posted July 2, 2014 by
    Eastern Connecticut, Connecticut

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    Send Back the Illegal Immigrants and Enforce Our Southern Border

    Apparently, according to Eric Holder, if you criticize the president of the United States, President Obama, therefore you must be a racist. So I guess I am a huge racist because President Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws, and reinforce our southern borders. Thus, as a result, the President of the United States is actively not enforcing our immigration laws. According to the United States Constitution, the president of the United States is charged with enforcing all laws.

    I will say this as bluntly as possible, we need to enforce our immigration laws and reinforce our southern borders. We need to send back those children, from where ever they came from. It sounds cruel, right? But just because you're under 18 does not give you a free pass to break our laws.

    The president needs to start enforcing our laws NOW and needs to stop playing politics and blame others for his own short comings.

    We can send drones and troops to Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iraq at a moments notice, but yet for some odd reason we can not do the same to enforce our southern borders. Why is that? The reason is because they're openly allowing this to happen, they meaning the government of the United States and President Obama.

    The solution to the problem is quite simple, send back all the children AND adults that broke our immigration laws, that entered our republic ILLEGALLY to where ever they came from. This is a matter of national security, and the border patrol agents do not need to be changing diapers or baby sitting, they need to be sending back all those children and adults back across the border.

    Now what I just said is extremely offensive and cruel to many but the fact of the matter is this, we do not know what diseases they're bringing, we do not know if we're allowing criminals into our country, we do not know the real intent of these individuals.

    It is the opinion of this iReporter by allowing the southern border to be wide open, the government of the United States is inviting terrorists into our republic, and this is the opportunity for them to enter our republic illegally and to cause another 9/11 incident. It is my opinion that the government of the United States is actively engaging in a conspiracy to allow terrorists into our republic to cause or invite the next 9/11. This will give the government the excuse to either suspend the Constitution and put the United States under Martial Law.

    Think about it, why would the president of the United States actively not enforce our southern border, and our politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, go to the border outpost and welcome the illegal activity(immigrants) all the while smiling for the cameras? It is because they're engaged in the conspiracy, and they're just playing for the cameras making us believe that they actually care about the immigration problem when they really don't.

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