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    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Kernels - Wednesday, July 2, 2014


    Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

    News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014.

    1. Flight Risk - As I reported Tuesday, security alarms are going off  surrounding intelligence coming out of the volatile Mideast that  undetectable bombs are in the making. Reportedly additional security  screening and warnings will be implemented shortly on international  flights.

    The US is worried that Al Qaeda in the Arabian  Peninsula bomb master, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, is experimenting with  new chemicals, new methods of delivery and training others to carry on  his explosive legacy.

    Flying high now may not be such a grand idea.

    2. Kerosene on Fire - Kerosene has been thrown on the fire that is the  tension between Israel and Palestinians, especially the terrorist group  Hamas, over the past 24 hours. A Palestinian teenager was kidnapped from  Jerusalem and left dead in a field in an apparent revenge killing for  the three Israeli teens kidnapped and found murdered in a field  yesterday.

    The chance of Israel and Palestinians returning to the peace table seems even more remote as Israelis are calling for vengence.

    3. Hobby Lobby Impact - Another 50 cases in a similar vein as the Hobby  Lobby case were also sided on the side of opponents to the  contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Tuesday the Supreme  Court confirmed its ruling on the religious freedom objection did apply  to the other cases pending.

    The Supremes further noted its  ruling on closely-held corporations was not restricted to only the four  contraceptive methods at the focus of the case, but to all  contraceptives. Without comment or action, the Court let stand the lower  court rulings in favor of those businesses involved in suits objecting  to all methods contained in the ACA.

    Tuesday's orders apply to  companies owned by Catholics who oppose all contraception. Cases  involving Colorado-based Hercules Industries Inc., Illinois-based Korte  & Luitjohan Contractors Inc. and Indiana-based Grote Industries Inc.  were awaiting action pending resolution of the Hobby Lobby case and  included in Tuesday's ruling.

    Lower courts who ruled in favor  of President Barack Obama and his Administration's position on the ACA's  contraceptive mandate were ordered to revisit the cases and rethink the  decisions made.

    My thoughts on the decision are found in: Splitting Hairs Gets Right Decision.

    4. Worst President? - A new Quinnipiac University poll revealed today  puts the label of worst president since World War II squarely on  President Obama. Former President George W. Bush was a close second.  Bush had the honor in a similar poll during the same time period in his  administration.

    The poll is a reflection of how people are  feeling at the present time rather than a real indicator of how history  will see a presidency, I believe.

    How else could Richard Nixon have placed a distant third?

    How else could Jimmy Carter have escaped the reality of being the worst president not just since World War II, but ever?

    You can check out the full rundown from the poll at: Quinnipiac.edu (http://www.quinnipiac.edu/news-and-events/quinnipiac-university-poll/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2056)

    5. Another New Kid in Town - Well, there won't be any new kids in town if residents of
    Murrietta have their way.

    Last night they did.

    Protestors prevented buses carrying migrant children who have been  crossing the US border in Texas, most from Central America, from being  relocated at a detention center in
    Murrietta. The buses had to turn  around and go to another center at San Ysidro.

    6. Speaking of  the Prez - After House Speaker John Boehner announced his intention to  bring suit against what the top Republican in the country sees as  illegal moves by the President and failure to "faithfully execute" the  laws of the land, President Barack Obama said matter-of-factly Tuesday,  "Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do  stuff. So sue me."

    Sounds like the man who drew a red line that had to be reassessed may have evolved to having a backbone.

    7. Abuse at the NSA? - Say it ain't so!

    A  new report states that there is potential for the National Security  Agency to commit abuse. The report states that the NSA program for  collecting phone and internet information to look for security threats  has the potential of privacy rights violations.

    Someone had to pay and commission a study and report to know this?

    The study reports the NSA program may "push the program close to the line of constitutional reasonableness."


    8. Thought Police (Minority Report) - One for freedom to think and use  your imagination and a blow to those who want to prosecute people for  their fantasies and thoughts.

    Former New York police officer,  Gilberto Valle, had been convicted for having some gruesome and what  many would call abnormal fantasies. Those fantasies, given life online,  included kidnapping and eating his victims.

    While disgusting in  nature, a federal judge ruled that Valle was guilty of "fantasy  role-play", which is not a crime. The judge said a person can't be  convicted of what he fantasizes about, but what he does.

    Valle's attorney, Julia Gatto said, "We don't put people in jail for  their thoughts. We are not the thought police and the court system is  not the deputy of the thought police."

    9. Losing, But Winning -  With all the hype still going around today for Tim Howard, you would  never know he was on the losing team in yesterday's World Cup match-up  between the US of A and Belgium. Howard has become the new icon of  social media.

    Howard played a super game yesterday, setting a world record of 16 blocked goals during the match which sent Team USA home.

    10. Focus Change? - As many of you know, I am a contributor to CNN's  iReport. I am also a member of a closed group on Facebook of other  iReporters and former iReporters.

    Lately many of us have noticed what seems to be a new trend on iReport. A trend toward more commercialized reports.

    This brings me and others to speculate.

    We have noticed what appears to be a trend recently in which the  perspective has moved from objective, journalistic content to more  promotion based iReports. On the surface these type of reports appear to  be promoting a specific business or web site rather than providing  journalistic content from ordinary people.

    Has the focus changed?

    Are individuals, groups, businesses now allowed to purchase "space" to promote their endeavors?

    Will an answer be forthcoming or will we be left to wondering?

    That's what caught my attention for Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014.

    Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

    I am Mark Ivy.

    Good evening!

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