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    10 Patriotic Twitter Accounts for the Fourth of July


    This 4th of July, why not get your Twitter account decked out in all things red, white, and blue? While everyone on the 140 character social platform will have some sort of “Happy Fourth of July!” tweet, which will have the most meaningful or interesting ones? Read on to discover 10 Twitter accounts worth following this 4th of July.


    The White House’s Official Twitter account

    While the White House's official Twitter account has only followed our current leader, Barack Obama, since its inception in 2009, it is my hope that this account will be passed on to the next administration. We’re becoming a more online nation, why should our major political institutions not join us? Let’s hope for a fun message from the White House this 4th of July!



    Barack Obama’s Twitter account

    This account may be largely the work of his staff, but you can recognize the President’s own tweets by looking for the “-bo” signature. We may not hear from the President on his Twitter account this fourth of July as he likely has plenty planned, but you never know when he may have something worth retweeting or commenting on.


    Thomas Jefferson parody account

    No, this is obviously not one of the Founding Fathers, nor is it one which is associated with any official aspect of his legacy. What this account does well is send out quotes about what a revolution, such as the one Jefferson lead, would look like today. And it looks like Thomas Jefferson sees modern capitalism as no better than other repressive forms of society. Follow him to remember what this nation was actually founded upon - freedom from all tyranny.


    Empire State Building’s Twitter account

    How can you miss out on a picture of the Empire State Building lit up in red, white, and blue with fireworks going off over the East River beside it? I think that if you get just the right angle you can take a photo of the Empire State Building, the fireworks, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges all in one shot. You may need a helicopter, but someone needs to make this happen! Speaking of those fireworks over the East River...


    Macy’s Twitter Account

    The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks display has been lighting up New York for decades. The Macy’s Twitter account is very well managed, with minimal blatant advertising. They love to tweet out photos and video of the events they sponsor, and are a great example of building trust to increase your Twitter followers. This fourth of July shouldn’t be any different as they take their fireworks display back to the East River.


    The Statue of Liberty Twitter account

    I promise that this is the last New York City related Twitter account! Really, how could The Statue of Liberty not be on this list? How could anyone forget seeing this enduring symbol of America freedom as it’s lit up by fireworks, with the New York skyline in the background? It is a truly breathtaking sight which every American must see once in their life. If you can’t make it this year, give their Twitter account a follow.


    The Alamo’s Twitter Account

    I am shocked by how few followers The Alamo, one of the most important symbols of American sacrifice, has. Give them a follow this fourth of July and learn more about the history of this once humble Spanish mission, and about Texas’ struggle for freedom.


    US Air Force Twitter Account

    With respect to the US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corp, I had to choose just one account for the headline and I just love fighter planes too much to not put the US Air Force up there. While every military account here will have something worth retweeting to support our troops, I am mostly hoping to see a sweet picture of fighter jets with fireworks going off all around them. One can dream...


    Washington DC official Twitter account

    You’d think that this would be covered well enough with the White House account above, but that isn’t the case. The National Independence Day Celebrations take place all across the National Capital, and the Washington DC Twitter account tries to cover it all. The camera is often turned away from the White House towards the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.


    Captain America’s Twitter account

    If you think that including Cap’ is a joke, think again. Captain America may just be the last of the enduring American symbols that can still make an impact today’s world. He can be adapted to fight terrorism, he can be adapted to comment on the way that America has changed since her glory days in the 1940s, he can be adapted to show what America could be today. You can’t say this about a static statue or memorial, their statement has been made.


    Photo credit to Dan on flickr.

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