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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

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    ILLEGAL Immigration

    So when asked by the Murrieta, Ca. towns people why the National Guard is not stopping the influx of ILLEGAL aliens, the panel of law enforcement agents said it was " a matter of law". So effectively they are saying it is OK to break the law to get in and then break countless laws daily while trying to go undetected. They only won't enforce our immigration law, but they will abide by other citizen laws. I am so glad people are finally taking to the streets to stop this. I also saw a kid outside the town hall meeting with a 'viva Mexico' sombrero on. So what the ILLEGAL's want is to extend Mexico's border, but make Americans support and pay for them. That is what is happening when you hide in plain site and do not contribute. No income tax is collected legally from an ILLEGAL alien. That effects the infrastructure, quality of education and safety of this nation. ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL - no if and's or but's. They are criminals by the very definition. Time to invest in more buses and when they are discovered - send them home immediately.
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