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    Posted July 4, 2014 by
    Beijing, China
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    Life in China

    Wild yaks extinction


    I passed away the Kunlun col at dusk,when I come to down, I can not help look outside through the widow,I feel there is a pairs of eyes staring at me ,so I look at the south mountain,I saw a strong wild yak looking at sky,I can feel that he want to enter into the sky and find his dreaming grassland. At that time,I feel lonely,yes ,that is lonely,loneliness is full of me from every where.
    In the past ,the Qinghai Tibet plateau wild yak can compare with North American wild yak,when hundred and thounsand wild yaks pass trough the plateau,we can feelthat the land is shake. With the invision of Europiean ,the North American wild yak gradually disppear,especial the trend of digging gold in weste resulting the wild yaks almost distinguish. A German famours reporter,Kelf Wenter,had descripe this history in hie book 《the god paradise》
    Said that there are 60 milion wild yak under the protection from Itlian,while the white live just 30 years,the huge wild yaks are dispeared. In 1872,there are some area that can suppor hundreds of yak eating,but in 1873,wild yak body is spread everywhere. The huge grassland becomes desert.
    Qinghai Tibet plateau wild yak’s dippearance is connected with the digging gold. It is hard to see wild yak in the grassland, Qinghai Tibet plateau wild yaks are still multiply their generatons,they did not comfront with slaughter until mid-20 century.Hungry is the reason why the yak was slaughtered,first ,there is three difficult condition,people began to hunter because of living,this is the first confrontation between human and animal. Human being did notclose to it before,in other words,people did not intend to harm them. The plateau inhabitants are yak’s nerhbors .regarding them as friends. They think that human is their family. In their eyes, human is weeken, small,so they did not make the fortify.
    Thus,100 years ago,in the Kunlun mountain,when Sweden explorer Sywen.Herty and his accompany firs shoot them,they still think that they just make joke with them.but the smal bullet almost shoot their armour.this is the first time they look at the confrant people. It is the first time that the people vision make them feel afraid. But another bullet coming,and then another.it almost makes them to death,at the end they were angry,they try their best to push the bad guy. Later I guss that the yak went to his front,his apprence is not calm in the book of < travel Asia>describle,but afraid.even his brain is empty.the only thing he could thought is his hometown and old mother. I think the idea ssave his life,Kunlun mountain immoetal feel sorrow about the idea. They shoot the last bellut to the wild yak ,and the yak fell down in front of his foot.however,this is his capital show off to his generations. Latter ,they even regard demestic yak as wild yak to kill,in order to make colorful to experience .
    But no matter how wonderful ideologist he is .he has an envy room, it is full of the forest armatic. He sit in his study room to think about his Asian experience,he has forgotten those wild yaks. It is reported that wild yaks may slaughter the hunter for the smell of gunpower,if it accompany the wind ,they can smell it outside several meters.especially the smell od human beings. In the nature ,there are so many animals have this strange ability.thus ,the hunter with expeirience would stay in the place where is against the wind.to waiter the prey. Wild yak is full of cooperation .when they are stay in together,they are entirety.in dufferent envirionment,each of them has their duty and labor. The male yak Lead and direct their activities,no matter how hard the condition they faced ,they would never forget their task. He would make himself in dangerous condition to protect others. When the disater is coming, he may use his life to protect the crowd.
    I nerver oberver yak closely,although I have see it many times.they are far away from me. There are so many wild animals become of Qinghai plateau speciaman .every year,there is many national hunter come here to hunt. Those national hunter hunte animals become speciaman. When they see those spciaman, they will feel heart broken. - See more at Yak Skull

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