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    The subject has been echoing in the waves of the ether for the last couple of weeks in all the press, air and other social media.

    Some gruesome shocking news are surfacing everyday; these are very factual and full of evidence.

    There is no room to deny the facts, The so called Jihadists outfits are reaching out or trying to reach out to the wider world - they are are making too many sinister moves to recruit Muslims from all over the world.

    Readers of these newspapers and the TV audiences and in general the general public are shocked and horrified to find that, there are more than a thousand of these fighters belong to UK an Europe; in which there is a significant percentage of people who are from Bangladeshi origin.

    How is this possible said one member of the community.

    No matter who says what, Bengali's are known for their fear of God ( Creator), folklore,poetry,proverbs, sweets,drama and musical soiree both folklore and Sufi mysticism based musics. A very docile, and peace loving the Bengali race has always been since the dawn of history.

    A trait that the Bengali's could never master was the soldiering. From the very beginning of the settlement and the civilization there were never a full fledged organic Bengali army. All tries by others to set up a regular army in within the race have failed even during the British Colonial era. The Bengali's are not interested in leading a life in that state of affairs and they don't enjoy that code of conduct of life.

    The Bengali's of Bengal (present day Bangladesh plus west Bengal of India and Part of Assam and Tripura in India) have never invaded any other neighboring state, country or kingdom or principality.

    Liberation war of Bangladesh during 1971 - another neighboring country extended their benevolent hands to give shelter to up to 1 crore ( 10 million) Bengali refugees and helped raise the freedom fighters and only 30 - 50000 people signed up to join the liberation war when the total population of 7.5 crore (75 million ). The country was liberated by the Indian and Bangladeshi joint forces and the humiliation by the Pakistani military was stopped.

    It is alarmingly shocking to find that, people form that stock of Bengali's are joining to fight someone's else's war. Though the religion and fear of God has been the first thing a Bengali parent teaches and inculcates into the child's brain; But, no Bengali parent would ever allow their kids to die for any cause - no matter whatever the cause may be. Bengali mothers will never allow her son to join Army or any other branches of Army, Air Force, Navy,Police, Para Military forces even the fire services. A very few mother would willingly allow their sons to do so.

    Despite all these embargo and mental mind set yet the Bengali boys are joining these outfits and fighting - how?
    Is fear of God from the infancy make them very vulnerable prey for those who are recruiting and brainwashing them to make them feel that this war is theirs too?

    A study recently found that, Bengali race is predominantly a docile, amicable & peace loving race and it has always been subject to foreign aggression and failed to defend themselves from those onslaught.

    The record suggest that, she had always faced invaders, pirates, raiders, cavalries and foot soldiers - they came ambushed, raided looted crops, islands, animal stocks and properties. Due to the terrain and the lack of martial & tactical knowledge, lack of invention and munitions and weaponry the Bengali's failed to stop The Aryans, The Dravidian's, The Burmese (Borgi), the Porterhouse (olondaz), The Arabian Merchants, The Afghan - central Asian - Moguls warlords and The British companies.
    No rulers of Bengal or the peasants could ever come up with a formidable defense and establish a fortress based township to stop those invaders.

    The whole thing has now changed these young-men are disillusioned - vulnerable and standing on a cross road of an identity crisis in the mainstream society faced with these dilemma - the weaker one's were susceptible to cave in to the pressure of drug abuse and other anti social ailments and the stronger group were targeted perhaps by those who were out there to capitalize on their fear of the creator and manipulated their brains with ideology which made them believe their mentors every single word and act upon them. these youngsters have broken the ranks of their racial traits and they don't even inform their parents what they are doing, where they are going.

    A study was commissioned recently in London, Luton, Birmingham, Manchester and Oldham and it found that, the parents don't believe that their kids can join these outfits and they can never do something of these nature.

    Their children are deceiving the parents and in the name of going to holiday, pilgrimage, studying and other lies and joining these organisation. Many of them are paid by their mentors and their organisations.

    Who are these mentors? why are they polluting these brains and why the need of this mindless atrocity and why the religion is being used to shield all their heinous deeds?

    The voice raising is imminent to identify these demons and ought to be ready to stop harboring these rouge elements who are in the name of religion ruining many lives.

    This is baffling to learn that, the psyche has changed over the years and the age old racial traits are evaporated and the community needs to understand the psychological aspect of the shift. Raise voice in unison against these demons ; the radicalisation

    say .....''NO!!! TO RADICALISATION''
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