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    Posted July 4, 2014 by
    Houston, Texas

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    Your Church And Nations Apostle Is On My Watch:
    Minister James Winfree Sr,

    The Time Is Now To Be Imitators Of Us As We Imitate The Lord Jesus Christ!!!
    While in my time with the Lord Jesus our God and Savior, this is His confirmation Word to His Church in America and His Church in the Nations, God in Christ Jesus is about to bring His chosen Kingdom children to Higher ground. Yes Jesus our soon coming King is bringing them up to the pastures in the green meadowlands where the grass has not been fowled by self centered preachers and people, where there is still feed to be received, feed that will sustains you, where the cool waters flow. You can come to the place of comfort; you can be nourished and refreshed. You can come to the place where you know Christ is God our heavenly Father in the heart of the Holy Ghost where we are bound together as One, you and Christ, for His heavenly Kingdom purposes. His purposes is for you to know that your body is His Church and His Temple, for He has predestined you according to that purpose, and the Holy Spirit is now leading you into the next phase in your season, the next level. It is Higher ground where you can be One with Him in His purpose and One with others in the body of our Lord God Jesus Christ, in this hour, for such a time as this. And, you would ask Jesus why? Because it has already been predestined, for He have a day, and He have an hour for All things. In this Kingdom season and day of this unveiling All you have to do is be in unison with Jesus and with One another, and He will lead you forth into the places that He alone have prepared for you and I. God our heavenly Daddy will reveal your destiny to you by His living Word and His Spirit of truth, and He will unfold before you His chosen Church Kingdom. Then, you will say, "WOW! Our GOD has done it again in JESUS CHRIST."
    I say unto you as your Church and Nations Apostle, the next Kingdom season the Spirit of Truth is declaring a war against the enemy and his human servants, and He is going to use you as His body on earth. For, there are powers of darkness that is rising up even in this moment in America and in the Nations of our World. They have sent their scouts out and have watched and seen your hearts. They have seen the anointing that Christ have brought upon His house, but many, many, many Preachers and the many who follow them have sold their lives and souls for Money, Power, Things and Sex. They know in part the plans that God for His people......Yes Christ by His Holy Spirit of Truth have for such as place as this, a place of small beginnings which many of you hate and the Ones I send, you don't even keep them in your prayers because you love the powerful and rich Preachers and People, But God says He loves His Anointed. They are gathering themselves together in High places to come against you and try to steal from you that which He have purposed. Yes our Saving Lord God is raising you up as warriors. You will become His weapons of war under His New Covenant. You will go forth and strike the enemy. I say, you have purpose for the next six months. Take the Lord Jesus every where to every place and come together in love and in Christ Spirit of Kingdom Unity. Do not be afraid of the enemy, for when they gathers, Jesus Christ Himself will strike him and his demons and their human evil servants.

    The Holy Spirit Is Saying To Connect with us today all those of you who are called and chosen by Christ Jesus to stand with us in the work.

    The Hardest Working Apostle Online And In Ministry

    Your Brother And Apostle: James Winfree Sr,

    Be Free And Stay Blessed In JESUS CHRIST!!!

    "We Are A Ministry Where Jesus And His Believers Come First"
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