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    Posted July 4, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Happy Birthday US of A!


    Today, the US of A celebrates its 238th birthday.

    It was, like with any birth, one that was born out of travail, crying,  shouts of glee, bloodshed and even death. Truly the continent was in  heavy labor as the push and screams of thousands was heard around the  world.

    That sorrow and agony gave way, however, to jubilation  as the nation emerged scathed and covered with the scars and trappings  of nativity. But as difficult as that birth was, the struggle was not  over.

    There would be growing pains, illnesses and diseases to  overcome. There would be those who would attempt to reclaim and to  destroy that life which was born out of a pledge to devote honor, lives  and fortunes to see this epic birth come to be and last through all  time.

    Through the years, as with any baby maturing to toddler  to child to teen to adult, this great nation of states joined to form a  "more perfect union" had to go through its share of perils, tests and  trials. In each instance, in the end, the US of A emerged on the other  side a better nation.

    The most trying time is undisputed which  is what occurred during what I would call the teenage years, puberty,  when literally brother was pitted against brother, sister against  sister, sons and daughters against mothers and fathers. The greatest and  most costly toll of lives and bloodshed threatened to tear the nation  apart. Yet through the trauma of the Civil War, the War Between the  States, a united and stronger country came of age.

    Dark days still lay ahead, but it seemed the worst had passed.

    Through more battles and more wars, we find ourselves today celebrating  the nation we've become and feeling the pain of the mistakes we have  made. We honor the lives who gave their all to keep this nation the home  of the brave and the land of the free.

    Now, we look forward to the days and years ahead.

    We are traveling the rough and choppy sea of economic uncertainty, but which seems to be slowly recovering.

    The ship of state must traverse the gulf as the skipper maneuvers the  ship to avoid crashing on the rocks of lost hope, despair, keeping an  eye on the course and the port of serenity which lies in the distance.

    The tides of global unrest threaten to engulf us. We must stay resolute  and strong. Together we can ride the waves and dock in safe harbor.

    Many have lost hope.

    Many no longer aspire to the American Dream.

    Many wonder if the flag will still wave for much longer.

    But we are Americans.

    We will survive.

    From the Cornfield, America, may she always be that shining city on a hill to which others seek to aspire.

    Happy Independence Day!

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