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    Los Angeles, California
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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

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    Undocumented AAA, Part I - Yes, We Can!


    We all celebrate July 4th. Hooray! Any related news? Fortunately everything is quiet in the world, so we can allow to get relaxed, a little bit. Sure, we are still considering to get back the stolen by bad statisticians our AAA image, why not, Yes, We Can!


    Well, about my story. I do it in its first approach and edition - just impression to respond for my CNN holiday assignment; actually I was awaiting any of such invitation, but that never happened this year. Not a problem, since I am already U.S. Fellow I can afford legally independent thinking. It came from inside, I felt a call, so I translated and already published here my holiday' 2014 expression, aka "U.S. National Anthem for Russian-Speaking Fellows", meaning just any individual who understands Russian, and I published in its support my first ever video, under the same name above, and even subtitled "My Thank You Movie". Latter was not born easy, again as a first ever experience, I was even slightly confused about my guessing to fill out the breaks between couplets with related images of state ceremonies, include my own participation. So I was impressed and I have shared that with my Fellows.


    My name is BORIS K'ZORIN, and so is my story. I happened to be an immigrant, independently from my any special knowledge about this feature at all. Since my teenage I heard about America like about the country of the dream for everybody - rich life, freedom of expressions, and, sure, happiness, together with negative wording as imperialism, unemployment, criminality. Well, it is so far away, sure, that is not for me; since getting married and growing family - that is not for us. Never forever. But in the minutes of desperation from common troubles I really prayed, about ... I could not recall anything other than America, thought I never believed in a miracle, but like a reasonable guy, I was wondering, really, who knows ...


    Going ahead I say that myself I was grown in the family of military service officer and whole my conscious life I spoke German, I even hated English for its necessity "to put tongue on edge" to deliver any correct sound. At that time I developed my abilities to write essays like now and research unknown in details. It happened to work for me. The first my computer I had bought here, but then, I, being impressed, visited public libraries to get such skills on my own ... very suddenly I run into green card advertisement and, speaking shortly, I have done my right click on keyboard, which changed my life. Sure, the real processing took about two years. I did everything exclusively on my own and I could not afford and I never paid somebody for something related my application - Yes, We Can.


    The almost killing phrase got planted in my mind since the time of that past struggles: NOBODY IN AMERICA NEEDS YOU IN AMERICA, NOBODY IN AMERICA WANTS YOU TO JOIN AMERICA. Probably, this is painful truth for all, include documented and undocumented individuals. And this is real truth until you have a lot of money to buy, any U.S. franchise, citizenship include, so that is to say being an investor, kind of. America likes any traders. Trade your business.


    Even getting my diversity visa I left country of my then residence with the modest wish just to see the world ... and the whole flight I prayed for possibility to avoid any attack on our board ... first steps and days I was looking for impressions where is it that America and those Americans. My wife was kidding me: "See the U.S. flag and be sure that you are already in America, so relax".


    I was not documented with English, but I've done with it. I was not documented with American education, and again I have done and with it. I have done with latter even twice. And all what that I have done I do in dedication of loving memory to my sole friend and late wife - twitter.com/Santa_AlLA - so I have done and established my legal immigration, I have done with my citizenship. Now it is a time to pay back and like always I do all my best. My resume is always strong, my skills and life experience are sufficient to be well productive at any suitable job ... but I am unemployed ...


    Since 2010, when I had opened my first case, aka K'ZORIN v. TOYOTA et al, I have turned to be a legal para-professional, and I was fighting on my own going through with Our Lady Justice up to U.S. Supreme Court. I do it, and do fight for my delayed happiness. This happened, and together with CNN we grilled TOYOTA FOR ITS FRAUD AND MESS. Soon businesses got predictable "cease fire" agreement and I since that time continue to fight TOYOTA FRAUD AND MESS on my own. The Lady Justice kicks I take stoically. LJ and her representatives are still not honest before me and public, not time yet to rule against their dependence from (foreign) corporations - businesses. The litigation (six chapters of one case, all related to my untimely loss of beloved one) took four years. Today, I am temporarily defeated by powerful procorporate opposition, despite they always knew that they are losing party. Unfinished business, kind of, makes me stronger. Some key moments of my battle for justice are posted here at ireport.cnn.com - just 42 (forty two) posts, thanks CNN.


    I arrived in U.S. ten years ago, and I was obligated to establish my "favorite" English from the bottom. The first job I could found only in three years... Ironically, that my very first American job was patrolling security officer at Residence of Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles. Nothing then portended troubles with my Camry parked before residence windows, as I did patrol in the Ford cruiser. As of today my social status has appeared to be "the sophisticated job seeker", on my own kidding interpretation. Very probably this is because I came here at my fifty ... Anyway, I do not believe that my time has gone. I need to pay back this country for any attention and care, even if that is still truth: "NOBODY IN AMERICA NEEDS YOU IN AMERICA".


    In meantime I have developed my skills of doing Russian-English Singing Translations, again, ironically, my project became creative name "My K.R.E.S.T.", where "K" stays for for first letter of my last name. You can prove it through lyricstranslate.com - BORIS K'ZORIN; or my Google+ profile, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even mean Facebook.com, so that is to say I am sufficiently proactive ... on market and as such my best time is still coming.


    Happy Holiday, America!




    Sure, nobody was born undocumented*, people are counted in any occasions by their domestic authorities first (joke - record is a base of socialism), and they are always told TO BE LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS. It does not matter of what particular country. Any parents behave their children to be law-abiding kids and later citizens in its high sense, so what can be easier than to follow law, ha? Coming back to this joke, yap, "undocumented" are work product of the market economy, "-ism" got beaten, lol:, thought still premature, lol:




    The "illegal immigration" and all related synonyms of such definition refer to the act of immigrating illegally as to the people who have entered the United States illegally or who have fallen "out of status" within term of their conditional legal presence in the country.


    Like always the issue is in the (dirty) business. Any business cannot be legal already by its nature especially in the very beginning. The starting of business requires investments up to the feeding the bribery.


    If you do not have money, but need a business, you shall find them, by any "borrowing". That is. "Non-profit" business is impossible and such a term exists just trickily, absolutely same way like discussed term "undocumented" (business). People lie each other making business. Businesses to be profitable MUST SAVE ON ANY EXPENDITURES, mostly on paying to involved employees as less, as possible, not to get prosecuted for that, if businesses are controlled at all. If not, we have issues...

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