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    This story is about a group of men and women who served their country with duty, honor and integrity only to be discarded and dishonored by government and citizens of this nation alike. They are known as the Banished Veterans; since 1996 honorable veterans men & women from all branches of service have been caught in a web of poorly hatched immigration laws written by a then conservative controlled congress and signed into law by then Bill Clinton aimed at removing illegal immigrants and criminal aliens.


    The law was rushed through and signed into law so quickly that the effects where felt across the board and service men and women began being deported as soon as their boots hit American soil. The law was so draconian; that veterans from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo and every other conflict found themselves locked up and advised because they where not American on paper albeit legal and had served their country; they would be deported for minor crimes such as writing a bad check or petty theft; the law did not distinguish a petty thief from a murderer; as far as congress was concerned a legal resident who broke any law would be removed without the right to due process and regardless of personal situation or contributions to this country.


    congress stripped judges of the right to weigh the pros with the cons and a life deportation was the consequence regardless of their families or their honorable service to this country. Honorable men and women of all ages and branches of service found themselves being imprisoned without right to bond for offenses that they had committed many years ago and already once paid the price for; they had changed their lives; had homes; wives; children and had thought that everything was behind them.


    As soon as the law was signed and the ink hadn't even dried; immigration and customs enforcement started digging through the lives and records of every legal resident in the United States and anyone found to have committed an offense that resulted in one year or more of probation (not imprisonment) and began knocking on the doors of these service men and women at wee hours of the morning; arresting them and deporting them to their country of birth. Simply stated; you are not an American and your service to this country means nothing; the law is the law and we are here to enforce it; period!


    This story does not advocate that service men and women should be treated different when they break laws (although they have now set up special military courts throughout the country to deal with cases involving military vets; apparently someone realized that war may possibly mess with ones head and thus they should be given special consideration). This story is about fairness and due process; it is also about honor; sacrifice and duty.


    The men and women swore an allegiance to uphold the constitution of these United States and they wrote a blank check up and to the amount of possibly their lives. Americans need to ask themselves; do we stand with our men and women of the armed forces fully; or only when it is convenient and so as long as it doesn't take up too much of our lives.


    American and fellow service men alike need to ask themselves; should an honorable veteran be deported? I find it hard to even write the words within the same sentence; it doesn't even make sense no matter how hard I try to write it down and think about it at the same time.


    I continually find myself asking myself; well; how bad can it really be? Truth; no one knows exactly but various formulas based on years of tracking now safely tell us that its in the thousands of service members whom have been deported for life; never to return home here in in America. Wait; there is a catch and a hint of sympathy from that cold dark cloud called Washington; should a service member die after being deported; he is entitled to be flown back to the United States and given a full military 21 gun salute funeral; laid to rest in a veterans cemetery and will even receive a letter from government thanking him for his service! yes; you can read that again and yes it is true; we have already documented several stories of such burials and repatriations.


    As of 2014 and sixteen years after the enactment of this law; after numerous CNN reports and national media attention; we are no closer today to getting congress to inserting a single line into the INA protecting service men and women from deportation; we are still in 1996. It is my belief that with all the red light yellow light terror tactics of the 90's Congress is so scared to act on immigration that even before their own veterans; they want to allow illegal immigrants to come to this country make them citizens and throw out the very men and women that fought to allow them the dictatorship they call congress.


    Today on this July fourth; I will look into the sky and think about the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States; everyone from WWI up until this very day and I will wish them all a safe passage home here in America.


    End Quote:


    Obama said to those now serving"


    "When your tour ends" "when you touch our soil"
    "you will be home in America; that is forever"
    "here for you, just as you've been there for us"
    "That is my promise."




    Banished Veterans

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