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    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Emergence of America's fast food restaurants as the choice of billions around the world


    America's fast food restaurants are emerging from the tainted image of being the unhealthy junk food sources to becoming the global choice of billions of people who want their daily bread/grub hygienically prepared, they want it fast, they want it without getting out of their vehicle, they want it to be tasty and they want it at a reasonable price and they want healthy choices. Guess what it may seem like a tall order, it is but the American fast food restaurants have met the challenge and are beginning to shake their image and stock prices are rising, thanks to people like me who say "don't blame the fast food restaurant for the greasy hamburger and fries. You get what you ask for" I know something about healthy choices and nutrition and I can get a healthy meal out of any of the 7 fast food restaurants (shown in 4 images here, all within a mile radius and a mile from my home) with global presence any day and I challenge anyone to call my choices junk food. For starters everyone of these 7 have water and or unsweetened juice, if you are a diabetic I would say lay of the juice as a glass could have as much as 20,000 mgs of sugar. Diet drinks are available in all restaurants but these are controversial. I think a glass a day would not do any major harm but ask your doctor. Drinking liters of Diet drink could be harmful and I am not disputing that. Get the free water. Next let us say I am having lunch a McDonald's, I would ask for a salad such as a Southwest salad with grilled chicken breast and Neumann;s own Balasamic Vinegar dressing. If vegetarian hold the chicken. If I go to Wendy's, I had ask for the side salad with pomegranate dressing and grilled chicken without the bun, or mayo. If I go to Subway, I would ask for the 9 grain toasted bread turkey sandwich with lots of greens like lettuce,spinach, green pepper, Jalepeno peppers, pickles, tomatoes, olives and hot sauce. If I go to Burger King, I would ask for grilled chicken salad with lite dressing. If I go to Taco bell, I would get a salad or occasionally a chicken soft taco or a burrito. if I go to KFC my home state restaurant found in every nook and corner of the world and especially in China, I would ask for tender grilled chicken (not fried) with green beans and choleslaw or corn. Hold the biscuit or negotiate a drink or another side. The Key thing is to hold the white bread, biscuits, the fries, the mayo, sugary pop, too much cheese, salt etc. Any of these restaurants will serve you fries without throwing salt and then the oil can be dabbed away with paper napkins. So the next time you go to a fast food place the only worry you should have is the long line in the drive through and if you are not a drive throughy person like me, during rush hour there could be a line if park and go in side. To me America's fast food restaurants are finest embassies of America around the world and should make America proud of them. They represent American innovation in feeding people wholesome filling food in shortest time and with a affordable value and safe for human consumption. My kitchen is still the best and I have tried every pricey fancy restaurant around but when time is of the essence and I am far from home, I will not hesitate to have a meal at America's finest eateries.

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