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    Posted July 5, 2014 by
    Attock, Pakistan

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    Followup of My yesterday article.i.e In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

    Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi Sir, with due respect do we have any option left now?? except to see towards Raiwind, all are almost equal in their approach of plundering and looting, some are bigger in their sins and some are lesser!! correct me if i am wrong
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    Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari To see towards or tosubmit to with absolute humility . Siddiqi sb the masses themselves areresponsible for this all.
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    Syed H Naqvi The only impediment in their way to reduce Pakistan to a shareef kingdom is "Army" He was trapped in his own web last time and this time Ch Nisar seems to be having a different view. His utmost desire to try Gen Musharaf is motivated towards the same end. Lets pray Imran and Qadree sb give him rough time.
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    Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Imran n Qadri seem toside track genuine revolution.
    Fahad Ahmad Siddiqi Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari sir, u r an insightful person, educate me do u not think , players are someone else, TUQ and all others joining him are merely puppets, i wonder if any thing is in common between TUQ and Chaudries of Gujrat, but they are standing together, making every thing fishy

    Syed H Naqvi Elements of a genuine revolution are all there on ground...some truthful leadership needs to harness it all. I fear some dare devil type in Police or elsewhere may offer their services to TUQ or Imran or JI and some hope appears for all. People and mas...See More
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    Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Chaudhary of Gujrat were picked up by Pervez Musharraf otherwise they were no entity in politics and how TUQ was obsessed with passion for Pervez Musharaf his irrefutably proved by the following facts:-
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    Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari The month of Muharram which fell soon after Musharaf's take over there was usual annual Hussain day function held by Imam Hussain Council in Marriot Islamabad. Gen. Moen Ud Din haider was chairman for the occasion and TUQ was the chief guest. I was als...See More
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    Syed H Naqvi Agreed that TUQ and choudhary sahiban were in line to side with Musharaf...but why should we damn Musharaf ? He was fair and non sectarian. The only wrong he did was not to prosecute the Shareef brs to the end for their corruptions...that would have helped the country a lot.
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    Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Letting national's criminal go Scott free from Attock fort to Saudi Royal Palaces is not a proof of Pervaiz Pervez Musharraf sincerity. It is this act of Pervaiz Musharraf which has re-bounced upon himself and has brought the nation a prey to the vultures of Raiwand. How one can condone Musharraf for this sin.? What ever he is reaping is his own harvest. He does not deserve and sympathy as he let loose mad dogs after having caught them in tight chains. Other interpretation is that he had done it under international pressure. In that case too he is no hero.
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