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    Tips the leaders use to Increase Employee Engagement

    Businesses can only work if it has engaged employees. The list of Losses caused through disengaged employees are defined below:

    1. Vanished work time – Employees leave the job in short interval of time after finishing their paid training. This causes loss of work time.

    2. Vanished work quality – Employees who have an aversion to their job are not able to put their 100% efforts in their work. This leads to Poor quality of work and lost revenue. As a result customers feel annoyed.

    According to the result of research of the performance-management consulting company Gallup shows that when a business inaugurates and maintains a culture of employee engagement, the company benefits as a whole. The research as includes the Cost of Disengaged Employee has gone up despite in 2001, the expenditure per employee’s training was $734 and in 2012, this number climbed to $1,195 per employee. Survey results of 2000 and 2012 suggest that employee engagement attitude has not changed yet, 70% of all employees continue to be disengaged from their employer interest. In fact, 30% of employees are actively disengaged.

    Even though the companies have irresistible proof that businesses benefit from engaged employees, there are still companies that refuse to implement any of its practices, perhaps they have tried it half-heartedly in the past, seen no results after a week or so, and abandoned it as a failure.

    It’s 2014 and in this uncertain economic climate employee engagement is more important than ever, but may seem more difficult.

    Ways used by leaders increase employee engagement:

    1. Realize that molding your corporate culture will take months

    Employee engagement begins when employees have the trust that management is staid about carrying out changes in their corporate culture that might be able to give them more of a voice in the company. Earning this trust takes time. To earn this trust you have to show your leadership edge.

    For example, its one thing to set up a suggestion box and encourage employees to submit ideas for how things can be improved this can be a way of management to interact with employees and discuss with them the reason, why this or that suggestion can or cannot be implemented.

    Once the management gains the employee’s trust then automatically company’s employee engagement will also increase.

    2. Share input from the employees themselves

    There are a variety of ways to increase employee engagement. Sharing input is one of the most beneficial way. Management often makes the mistake of discussing ideas among themselves and then implementing them, without consulting with the employees to learn what they think needs to be done. Should a company invest thousands of dollars in a fitness center in their office building, if only a small percentage of employees will take advantage of it?

    3. Merge a long-term plan to boost up employee engagement

    The implementation of employee engagement plan cannot succeed if it is a disorganized affair, where there are chances of it to die for lack of roots connecting to it.

    A leader must take the initiative to share input from the employees as to the types of engagement they want and will embrace, as well as ideas from the management, see what has worked for other companies, and then put together a plan that will implement coordinated changes over the course of the year. The extreme important part is regular feedback at each state of the process so that management and employees can see what works and what doesn’t, and modify the process if necessary.

    Hope you find these ways beneficial and effective for employee engagement. You can also refer to your leadership guide for more points to be considered during leadership and employee engagement.
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