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    Your stories from the Middle East

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    Middle East Memories


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Prashanth Karnam is a software architect who works in Dubai. He took these photos in several locations throughout the Middle East during trips in 2011 and 2012. Although he enjoyed each location, Karnam admits Istanbul is the place he admires the most.

    Karnam said, "The images represent the vibrant middle east, the people, the culture and the places. It’s so vibrant, each place has a different story to tell."

    Photo #7 was featured as the travel photo of the day on July 10, 2014.
    - taliaday, CNN iReport producer

    I was travelling for the first time abroad of India and the destination was Dubai. There were lots of thoughts on the mind because going onsite on work usually means going to US , UK or Europe. All the news and things about Middle East always makes you feel skeptical.

    I was wrong , I landed into this place , a year further travelled to most of the places in middle east looking at different cultures and people. I was fascinated and some how the time have spent here ( 1.8 yrs ) have become most memorable moments of my life. The spirit these people hold against all the severe climatic and poiltical conditions are commendable. Some things i can never forget are ...

    greenery in Dubai

    Dubai downtown built in mere 5 years transforming the desert into the most wanted travel destination

    Building Burj Khalifa the tallest building of the world with fine sand at the bottom ...a architectural wonder.

    The Plam Atlantis and Burj Al Arab , again an architectural wonder.

    Prosperity of Oman even with the extreme weather conditions that prevail there. Can literally see electricty connections going oon top of the mountains for miles to reach a small place where there are only a few countable houses.

    Jordan , one destination i can never forget may it be for the dead sea which defies the science or petra which takes you out of this world or the bedouins who are so hospitable. Riding through the Jordan border can literally see jeeps with mortars and the whole militray unit side by but who can visualise that there used to be so much of trouble around this border ( along side Israel ).

    Istanbul , The joy , pomp and gaiety of the city with its multicultural presence or Hagia Sophia where you can see a mosque and a church together.

    "Amongst all this one thing i found common was the spirit of the people barring cultures and boundaries"

    These images depict my unforgettable memories of my first travel abroad and am happy to share it !
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