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    Posted July 5, 2014 by
    Jakarta, Indonesia
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    An Unforgetable Moment

    Here I am telling a story that happened 5 years ago, yes 5 years ago I was 12 years old back than. I may not be able to tell much, since of course I couldn’t remember all of it. 5 years ago I went to Dubai to company my mom on her business trip, I was her assistant back then and actually am until now.

    I was so little I never dreamt to have such an amazing life; at that time I never understand how the world works. I was lost in my tiny world. I never knew how incredible my life was until I lost it.

    We stayed there for a week; I remember the first 6 days we spend in Jumeirah Twin Tower. The place is amazing and I’ve missed it. I remember when I first got there and I was mesmerized by the lifts, I know it might sound stupid but hey I was young.

    I couldn’t remember all the details and stuff but I remember I could see a water fountain from our room windows and it was pretty awesome. I never thought that I was so lucky to be there, but now I do.

    I made friends, a couple actually… I remember I talked to this cashier girl a lot, since at time I was alone and my mom was meeting someone. We talked about how excited I am to be there and mostly talked about my Country Indonesia. I also talked with the guy who stands in front of the lifts; the people there are kind and humble. Then there’s this one waiter near the pool who gave me free drinks, well he actually gives everyone free drinks.

    I met lots of my mom’s business partners; they were great and very welcoming. Some even jealous of me, since I went there in such a young age. It was great to be a part of my mom’s life, to see what she sees and it made me feel like she trusts me.

    We went to Jumeirah Beach house to take some photo and it was amazing! I saw lots of fish and yacht. The fish were so beautiful; I was hoping I could bring them home; they’re so colorful, so bright and so happy. Yea, the fish looks so happy to be there, I could see it in the way they swim and flipping their fins.

    I bought lots of stuff there and also bought a few keychain for my cousins and friends , I even wrote letters for them. Oh and I ate lots of Chicken Briani there, it became one of my favorite food. Believe it or not before I went back to Jakarta, Indonesia my mom bought some for me to eat in Jakarta later on.

    5 days passed and it’s time to move to another hotel. Before we checked out and moved to Jumeirah Burj Al Arab, I went to all my friends as I mean the people are mentioned above and thank them for making my stay there feels warmer.

    When I reached there, My eyes were glowing.. I felt like I was in heaven! When I entered the hotel I remember seeing lots of fish tanks and water fountains. I was going to burst into happy tears, but I contained myself. While waiting for us to be checked in, we sat on this very comfortable sofa and they served us with welcoming drinks and kurmas.

    After we checked in, we get our own butler. He showed us the way around the hotel and it was fantastic. There’s lots of type of swimming pool there, the one for the girls only, guys only and even for both. There’s also this amazing restaurant that’s full of aquarium, which made it seemed like we’re underwater!

    Inside the two-storage room, they provided us with laptop and printer. They even gave free kurmas, they were yummy and so my mom bought a lot to bring them home. I remember the beautiful round staircase, I walked down and felt like I was a princess, It was stupid but hey I was young. All the memories, now I miss Dubai even more… Thank You for giving me such an amazing opportunities, a wonderful time and unbelievable memories Dubai, I love you as always.

    Sincerely Written by : Grace Lee
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