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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    What Diets that don't work


    Every day you will find a new diet plan and want to follow it to lose some weight. But these available diet plans do not work always. Though every diet plan has a broad headline like, “Lose your weight within one or few weeks”. But most of the time these are just way of wasting time and money.

    There are two factors that are responsible for your failure in reducing body weight by diet. Number one is choosing an inappropriate diet and another is how you manage yourself to maintain it. Today we will try to evaluate some weight losing diets that may fail you to reduce your body weight.

    Here are 7 diets that may fail you to reach your goal.

    1.       Low or very carb diet:

    Carbohydrate rich diets are one of the major causes of weight gain. But strictly avoiding them is more harmful to our body. The very low carb diet will help you to consume only 500-800 Kilocalories of energy in a day. Your body weight may reduce quickly but it will fail, because metabolism is driven down by not eating enough food. Otherwise vitamins and minerals are usually found in carbohydrate containing fruits and vegetables as well as other foods. So, inner environment of our body will be impaired and you will be sick within a few weeks.

    2.       Supplement based diet:

    Diet supplements are helpful to reduce weight. But they also may fail because food supplements are not regulated by FDA like authorities. The quality of the supplement may reduce because of preserving for a long time. Different kinds of preservatives and chemicals are also risk factors for your health.

    3.       Some magic diets:

    There are many so called herbal magic diets in our markets. Their marketing policies are so attractive and maximum of them guarantees their success in reducing body weight. But most of them are risky for their unclear contents and production procedure. So, these magic diets may fail to lose your weight too.

    4.       The BreatharianDiet:

    The Breatharian diet depends upon some extreme myths like you don’t need food or water and you can survive on air and sunlight. So if you want to eat, eat as minimum as you can. These extreme types of diets will destroy your health. Losing weight does not mean achieving diseased health. Your immune system and all other systems may lose their functionality and you will be severely ill within a few weeks if you take minimum amount of foods.

    5.       The Dukan Diet
    It is a supper complicated diet plan having protein rich no-carb foods. The interesting thing is Jennifer Lopez is a fan of this diet plan. But with this diet plan you will feel lethargic and your inner energy will be destroyed. Your bowel habit will be constipated and you will have bad breath. Otherwise you may suffer from vitamins and mineral deficiency due to cutting their rich source from your food list. You will lose your weight in a risky way and may get ill health.

    6.       Biotyping:

    It is a diet to reduce weight of a specific part of your body by choosing foods, which have effects on specific hormone. That sounds weird. Yes it is. It is nearly impossible to reduce the weight of a specific part of your body just by a specific food intake. So, if you read these types of weird diet plans and wants to follow them or already following, just stop it and consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to get a good diet plan.

    7.       The Gluten free Diet:

    Gluten is a food particle that causes some hypersensitive reactions and certain diseases to some specific people. But we have a trend to avoid all types of gluten containing foods. It seems like we all have these diseases. But the truth is only a few percent of people are advised to avoid gluten to avoid health risks. And our food supplement manufacturers are making only gluten free foods (!). Their advertisements are influencing people to avoid gluten. But are you hypersensitive to gluten? Gluten containing grains are a good source of vitamins and healthy carbohydrates. But you cannot eat as much as you wish. You should eat regular carbohydrates according to your requirement either it is gluten containing or not. If you are not allergic to gluten, you can eat them freely.

    There are more inappropriate diet plans that will not work to reduce your weight. Just don’t believe everything what you see or listen regarding diet. If you are confused to choose a good diet plan, please consult with your doctor or with a nutritionist. It may cost you some money, but I am sure that, it will save more in the future.


    More diet information could be found at http://www.ways2diet.com or follow us on our facebook pages to get the latest update.

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