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    Houston, Texas

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    Getting Back To Biblical Kingdom Essentials!!!
    Shared by Apostle James Winfree Sr,
    Christ Jesus Kingdom Servant:

    Follow me as I follow Christ The Lord....

    A Kingdom confirmation Word from your loving and faithful Church and Nations Apostle Minister James Winfree Sr, Yes so many of preachers have played the harlot and have led many of God's people to join them; you have come dancing into your human built houses you are calling God's house, but I say unto you, God know your hearts. He have seen your lusting's after money, power, sex and things of this World; Yes Christ have seen your lusting's after men, women Yes even men with men and women with women....... those that are bound in sin. God have seen your lusting's after the things of this World because of your blind leaders of the blind, and Jesus will not tolerate it in His house any more, for it is written that My house is a house of prayer. My household of faith which is His Kingdom born again Believers His real true Church here on earth..... Yes the Holy Ghost is about to reveal the glory of the Son, resurrected and risen in all of His glory in the bodies of Jesus followers and Believers. But, to so many of you, I would say you have left your first Love to worship your preachers and man made church houses. Do you think that our heavenly Father do not have eyes to see? Yes God have seen the lusting's; He have seen the betrayals. Christ have even seen the attitudes of your hearts. He know whence you have come, and He know the places to which you are going. Do you not think that God could call you one by one and expose your sins in this Facebook and Online congregation today? But, the Holy Spirit says He will not because our heavenly Father is The God of grace. So, He give you a time of preparation whereby you can examine your own hearts and whereby you can come before His loving throne with repentance in your hearts casting your sincerity upon the blood of His Son Jesus Christ, for He has shed His blood for the Salvation of All. Yes, many of you are running to your past lives; there are things that are hidden, things that are over you that cause you to walk with trembling and fear. For some, the lost one( Satan and his evil demons ) has come to promote his spirit of death and to seduce you into the lake of everlasting destruction. To some he has come as a seducing spirit to lead you away from the ones that you ought to love and the one that you do love, but yet in your heart there is desire--a selfishness. I speak as your Church and Nations Apostle to you today with clarity God's people. I could speak to you about the pornographic materials that are hidden there in your house and all your flesh lusting after others in God's household of faith. I could talk to you about the thoughts of your mind in the midnight hours, But I won't. I could speak about how so many pastors and ministers have God's people in supporting their wealthy lifestyles, But I, well I just did....God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has Nothing to do with human built buildings, Nothing at All..... God of grace is The Spirit and All of us who love Him and follow Him and Worship Him, must Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth; He is The God of mercy. But, I say this Yes the day is coming shortly that He will no longer tolerate the sins that you continue in preachers and those who follow you. Jesus our Savior and Lord will no longer tolerate the doubts and the unbelief and the attitudes of rebellion against Him and His Word, for Jesus is The Lord of the Universe, The King of Glory, and All things are under His control. Have He not created the earth that you walk upon people? Have He not even taken the dust from that earth and birthed forth by His breath your existence into this place where you are right now people? Whether you believe that you are His children or not, yet you are! God said, yet you are! You did not form yourself. You did not come into this earth by your own volition, by your own will, by your own strength, or your own power. You came because Christ, The Lord of Glory, created you to be instruments of praise and worship. He created you to be His very own chosen children. Christ created you that you might walk with Him in loving relationship and sweet fellowship, and that you might know your God as Daddy, for our Lord Jesus is preparing His Kingdom Believers for you that you will live in eternally if you so choose to serve Him. If you choose not to serve Him, then let him or her who is wicked remain wicked, But let the righteous remain righteous. That day is upon us, and surely that day will come with fire and you Will behold the wrath of your God without Christ as your Savior, Yes, Yes, Yes our God of kindness and severity lives in Christ Jesus and All of us who obey and follow Jesus!.... He is not only a God of Kindness, for He cannot tolerate sin people. He disdain the things that you are doing by living and obeying your weak flesh. He disdain the thing that you have allowed Satan and his demons and human servants to bring into your life. God hate the sin that you have allowed to come to corrupt creation, for God is The God of Holiness, and He have spoken in His Holy word that you will serve Him also with and in Holiness, for He is The God of Life in Christ. He is saying today, Yes even Now, beware of the times that are before you and those things that are coming upon America and the Nations. I say as your loving and faithful Church and Kingdoms Apostles that you need to prepare yourselves in righteousness His loving and chosen people; you need to prepare yourselves for the things that are coming, for judgment is coming upon the Church first and then the Nations because rebellion and iniquity abound in this place. Again, The Holy Ghost says He is The God of loving grace and mercy, so He saying this with an element of time that you might reconsider the things that you are doing. Understand this Yes, Yes, Yes His eyes are watching you and I; His Spirit knows the things you are doing. This is the day of recompense that you may be reconciled to God in Christ Jesus if you desire, and He is at this time and Kingdom season inviting you to come before His heavenly throne with boldness in your heart to declare the Victory in His washing and Saving blood. The God and our Father of Glory, come in love to chasten and bless His chosen people today of His Blessed Kingdom.

    The Holy Spirit Is Saying To Connect with us today all those of you who are called and chosen by Christ Jesus to stand with us in the work.

    The Hardest Working Apostle Online And In Ministry

    Your Brother And Apostle: James Winfree Sr,

    Be Free And Stay Blessed In JESUS CHRIST!!!

    "We Are A Ministry Where Jesus And His Believers Come First"
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