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    Cambridge, Massachusetts
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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

    Why Do You Want Me Deported?


    It is difficult to see the coverage of the hateful messages that anti-immigration protesters chant, or the vile comments that seem to appear on every immigration article. When I see these things I keep wondering how they could have so much hate against a group of people? How could they hate me so much without having even met me? What have I done so wrong that it fires them up with hatred? Oh yeah, I was brought to this country illegally when I was 5.


    Apparently it doesn’t matter if I was brought here unknowingly, or that I have done nothing else wrong, to them I am a criminal. I am not an American to them, despite the U.S. being the only country I swear allegiance to, or having lived and contributed to my community and nation. To them being an American is defined by the legality of a paper, or luck of birth. It is not living by the set of ideals and beliefs by which our nation stands for. No matter who I am, or what I believe, to them I will always be an “illegal alien”, not an undocumented American or any other accurate non de-humanizing descriptor. So, here is a short version of who I am so that you can continue hating me or so that you may understand the dilemma I and 11 million others find ourselves in.


    My name is Jose Gomez and I am currently an Aerospace Engineering (course 16) student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and as mentioned before I was brought into this country at the age of 5. Yes I am undocumented American, the concept may seem strange or even like oxymoron, but only according what you believe it means to be an American. You see, I am an American in every aspect of it except on paper.


    If you were to spot me on a random day you would not be able to tell that I am undocumented; to everyone I would just seem like the average college student. That is because there is no real difference between an American college student and myself. We both attend school, work, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities’ prosperity.


    The ugly stereotypes that are imparted on us are just outright disgusting. They assume that we are different than the average American, but the truth is we have been here all along. We are your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, and overall part of the American society. Undocumented immigrants are already part of every community, all we seek is to be allowed to permanently remain in our homes, legally work, and to be allowed to reach our goals.


    All I wish is to be allowed to permanently remain in this country, the only place I have ever called home, and to be allowed to live my life without the restrictions placed on me for being undocumented. I mean why should I not be allowed to finish my degree here and move on to work either in the private sector or even the defense sector? Why should I be sent back to a country that is foreign to me, if my life is here in the U.S? I have not hurt anybody by living here and becoming a contributing member of society, so why should I be deported. Am I causing harm to this nation by going to school, working, paying taxes, and wishing to work in this countries space programs or defense sector?


    You are probably still saying that I should be deported because I broke the law at the age of 5 when I skipped the line and was brought to this country. However, does it make sense to deport people who are already part of the American society? Would it make sense to deport millions of people that make up large parts of economic sectors, such as in the farming industry? No it doesn’t, all this will do would be break apart families, bring down farming industries, and essentially destroy the lives of many people who were not hurting this country.


    If I am deported I would say goodbye to finishing my undergraduate degree at MIT and to the only life I have ever known. I would be thrown into a country that I hardly remember and which I have no stake in. Essentially, I would have to pick up the pieces of my shattered life and begin a new one in a country ripped apart by violence and drugs, whose national anthem I do not even know.


    There are 11 million others out there like me. Others who live in your community and live lives similar to your own, but with harsh restrictions and the fear of deportation. These 11 million people did not come to this nation to become “leeches” as some would put it, they came here to work hard, make a living, and contribute.


    Deporting me and the other 11 million people may seem like the way to solve the problem with the current immigration system, but this method would be both inhumane and ineffective. Deportation of all undocumented immigrants would only impact the country negatively as it would hurt communities, the economy, and have a momentous cost.


    I can share more of my immigration story, but this is all I have to say for now. If you still find yourself hating me or wishing to deport all undocumented immigrants, imagine someone breaking into your home, separating your family, and relocating you to a foreign country to begin anew.

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