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    Posted July 7, 2014 by

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    Men Giving Women Relationship Advice

    Check out self-help books on Amazon or your local bookstore, and look at the titles of dating and relationship books alongside the names of their authors. It doesn’t require Sherlock-level intelligence and observation to note something ‘odd.’ Something that was not so prominent before—an increasing number of men are making a living giving dating and relationship advice to women.

    Advice: Easy and Everywhere
    Advice, solicited or otherwise, is a dime a dozen these days. Our internet age is no longer crippled by scarcity of information, but rather, we sometimes have more than we know what to do with. Advice is easy and everywhere. It’s Good Advice that’s hard to find.

    In the internet age, the problem is not the quantity of advice but the quality of advice. The challenge has shifted from seeking sources, to determining which sources are worth listening to.

    Dating and Relationship Advice
    We humans always had a preoccupation for the topics of dating and relationships, which is probably why these command a large share of the advice that is out there. All points of a relationship’s life cycle have been the subject of query at one point or another, from finding a partner to keeping a relationship vibrant, even how to end relationships and find love again. It often seems like a steady stream of relationship issues feed unending questions and consequently, answers.

    Women have traditionally looked to other women for advice. This extends not just to our social relations but our choice of media, like women’s magazines. The reason for this is fair and simple. Of course a woman should advise other women, so that there would be more understanding of the context.

    This rationale still holds solid for matters like women’s health or the female struggle in the workplace, etc. But for dating and relationships, where what is sought is the male, isn’t it also logical to start asking them precisely what they want?

    Men Giving Women Dating Tips
    The word “Advice” derives from the Latin ad or to, and videre meaning to see. Advice then, can be looked as examining another viewpoint, to see through someone else’s eyes. Women have looked through the lenses of their fellow women before – why not ‘borrow’ the male lens and see how they view interactions?

    Authors like Carlos Cavallo, from datingadviceguru.com, has made a profession out of being the male perspective for female issues of dating and relationships. In his latest offering, “Make Him Love You: Learn His Little Tricks” he immediately admits his views are often challenged because he is a man and so, ‘What would he know?’

    In many ways however, the writer being a man is the strength of his advice, not its weakness. The unique perspectives put forth by Carlos Cavallo and other men in addressing women’s dating and relationship dilemmas, are a welcome addition to the relationship advice market. We won’t always agree, and some of the things they say we might not want to hear, but if advice is “to see” – these are perspectives that might be worth investigating.
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