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    The Politics of Our Southern Border Crisis


    I don’t think anyone will argue that we have a problem at our southern border, but apparently that is the only thing that will not be argued. As usual our nation is embroiled in an “us versus them” battle about what to do about the situation.

    This is a very complex situation with many facets, kinda like health care and as usual our politicians want a quick, comprehensive fix. While I definitely agree that we have problems with controlling our borders and dealing with the people that have slipped through, I think our nation needs to slow down, think it through, get bipartisan support and really do that hard work that will start to actually fix the problem.

    Last night I read a young man’s post about his hard feelings toward the anti-illegal immigration sentiment in this nation. Yes, there are some people that are too mean about the situation but I think most Americans are just frustrated about how to feel and what to do. While I feel for this young man who was brought here at a young age, I still am not for amnesty until we figure out how to close our borders. Right now, more than ever it is clear that our southern border is anything but secure.

    What disturbs me the most about this situation is how the issue is being used to score political points or hits whichever the case may be. Isn’t it time that our politicians gave it a rest and actually did their jobs? Right now the president would like to go with the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act and the House is opposed to that bill as it is written. Below is a link to the summary of the bill. The summary is pretty long and from what I understand the entire bill is just huge.




    I am not in favor of one giant bill that is supposed to deal with every eventuality; I think our lawmakers are being naive if they believe that one law will do the trick. I would rather see a plan to better control our borders put into place before amnesty is even brought to the table. Every time amnesty is put on the table and announced internationally, we have a new influx of illegals that want to capitalize on a chance they may become US citizens. Have we learned nothing?


    Instead of our politicians coming together the partisan divide continues to grow. I think both sides forget that compromise requires them to stop insulting each other. Compromise requires them to engage in some give and take about the issue. Compromise requires mutual respect and an openness to ideas that are not your own. Compromise is necessary to solve this problem…without it misguided parents in foreign lands will continue to risk the lives of their children for a chance at amnesty for the child and possibly the entire family.


    What should we do? How should we feel?

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