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    Posted July 7, 2014 by

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    Santorini Biennial showing wrong colours.


    A call for law enforcement was filed on first day. Under No. 3X2X6X9X2X [number known] the Santorini police took a complaint of a Muslim visitor that the 2014 Santorini Biennial promotes only Christian symbols.


    In fact one artwork shows a woman wearing a gem and this gem is a Christian cross. Legal defend has to be installed as the police is facing the curators Kikos and Gregory on this severe complaint. There are questions rising of discrimination. The artists come from all over the world. No one of the 1,668 applicants was ever asked of his or her religion.

    What does this mean for a Biennial? That the selection of artworks has to be balances due to religion? What is a religious symbol? Is the crescent-moon [half-moon] a symbol of the Islam? This is discussed controversy. You find it on mosques most time with a star, but not all schools of the Islam support the use of symbols. Some they “there shall be no symbols for Allah – no symbols at all shall be used”. So there are just colours left to associate with the Islam: black, white and green.

    So let’s paint the main venue hall in black, white and add some green to make this visitor smile. Ohh, I was just there at Messaria main exhibition venue and I see the walls black and white and I see a forest in an artwork: all green there!!! So indeed the 2014 Santorini Biennial shows the right colours and the state attorney may close the file after - of course - a deeper inspection. But let’s do it proper: let’s inform the Muslim authorities world-wide that people of all religions are welcomed at the Santorini Biennial, even ones – and this must be added to avoid another complaint - with no active believe in God.

    Many in western worlds see a second level, some out of a personal experience some out of channelling reports like the one by Dr. Lee Carol, whos books have been translated in 24 languages. We once used the term “The Third Grid” in virtual grids to give room for all the religions that could not be presented in an art experience about “Make believe” in 3D. There are not only a few religions on earth, we all know - there are so many different ways, all seeking for the ultimate truth:

    The Third Grid
    "So, Kryon," you might say at this point, "what is that elusive third grid" It's the one that's also invisible like the other two. It's also living. It's the one that's influenced by the first two. This third one responds to dimensional shift. It has free choice. The third grid of the earth is Human consciousness. Instead of it shifting last, it shifts simultaneously with the other two...making the puzzle all that more intriguing.
    From Kryon.com

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