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    Posted July 7, 2014 by

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    Musallam Al-Barrak And Khalid Al-Qadeeri To The International Human RIghts

    How beautiful you are a Kuwaiti citizen in Kuwait, in its heat and its cold weather, in its dust and fineness weather, in its green land or yellow land are Kuwait, which sing the GCC countries and the countries of the world, this land preserved the rights of citizens and support them and their support and combat corruption of some earlier, and the girl houses for people in their own countries, all this is from my Kuwait.

    How much is difficult to describe the current situation and that has turned completely opposite, where he now is the suppression of freedoms and the disruption of public funds and the greed of merchants and inequity in the rights of Kuwaiti workers in sectors of the state, or even in their human rights, which began the day violated, Kuwait is the country of the Constitution and the law and the country institutions and have already put forward a global achievements annually and we championing friendly countries moral and material is the first countries to congratulate celebrations of the other countries.

    How now hits the Kuwaiti citizen when requested right, and how to ask the right imprisoned, and how it separates from his job without cause, and how do you see the millions flying through the sky to specific people.

    Is this what it brought up?
    Is this what we promised?

    Promised freedom of opinion and democracy, even if it was not demonstrated Bazna break or destroy only after it has been treated Special Forces sprayed a negative interaction of very hot water to the citizens and the use of the most powerful types of rubber bullets internationally prohibited from use.
    Is abounded injuries and violence, which exceeded all limits is the solution when all the people say we're a peaceful demonstration does not mean to hurt one, is this a penalty Kuwaitis?
    Addressed more than eight human rights groups to call for help from the injustice of what is the most severe of the Kuwaiti citizens and arbitrary arrests Whether you are participant in the demonstration or non-participant.
    What I am asking is outside intervention to consider the pain of the people of Kuwait, and I hope from any human being feels his humanity to stand beside us because we are breaking by merchants.
    Turned our financial resources and oil and other resources to figure them go and we are working in places less and less salary to live just as they are taking more than five times than Kuwaiti salaries in our country Kuwait.
    Musallam Al Barrak is presenting above 150K citizen and I’m presenting 7k citizens, isn’t it enough to take one serious action to protect Kuwaiti citizen rights.
    Musallam was arrested cause he started to show up documents proofing stealing and other subjects in 900 Million and above, I guess it’s enough, we are pleasing god to protect our country from stealers and we are asking for international action to protect our human rights
    Why all this injustice?
    Just because you carry Kuwaiti nationality?

    regarding the DP its old the newest are much more than the showed people.
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