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    U.S. born Citizens, especially Black voters, should take action to impeach, recall, and to vote these disgraceful elected officials out of office!

    Esther M. Lofton

    August 21, 2012

    Attorney General Kamala Harris
    California Department of Justice
    P.O. Box 944255
    Attorney General’s Office
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

    Attn: Public Inquiry Unit

    RE: Stupidity in Los Angeles County

    Dear Ms. Harris:


    I read the article in the Los Angeles Times titled Prison inmate caught in legal limbo (8-21-12) where Daniel Larson after having spent more than a decade in federal prison still languishes there despite his court release saying to myself, "The beat goes on!"

    The tragedy: we, the people, are forced to pay taxes for the salaries of people who could care less about right or wrong, legal or illegal.

    However, at least Daniel Larson was in federal prison. Not so, with Michael L. Lofton, a property owner, tax-payer whose retirement benefits have been withheld, without cause, since his termination on March 12, 2009 after 30- years employment with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) with the full knowledge of Mark Ridley-Thomas, Supervisor of the 2nd District of the County of Los Angeles and Herb Wesson, Jr., City Councilman for the 10th District of the City of Los Angeles, each of whom is under oath to protect and defend a constitution where individual rights are premium.

    Adding insult to injury on February 16, 2012 in Superior Court of Los Angeles in case #1CA17497 Michael was convicted of stealing electricity even though he had a public defender, Sherrice Frances (another useless black like the two useless blacks named above) who was provided records establishing his (Michael's) innocence.

    It is understandable why 20% of black youths are under control of the courts, probation and/or parole. Black men could not be worst off with a Bilbo or Governor Tallmadge of Georgia.

    It gets worst. Even though LADWP has been withholding Michael's retirement benefits, without cause, on January 19, 2011 water service was cut-off from his residence, a situation that prevailed until he paid the water bill in full on February 13, 2012. Since then the water meter has been cemented so that the residents will not be caught off guard again.

    Electrical power was cut-off twice in July 2010 and again on October 7, 2011, a situation that lasted only a short time since Michael is a licensed electrician. However, on October 7, 2011 when I went to the district office of Councilman Wesson for redress of my grievances I was subjected to a citizen's arrest by John Harman when I was not stupid enough to agree to obligating myself to a payment plan as proposed by Mr. Harman. I was arrested for refusing to leave the office (sit-in) just like the civil-rights people of the 60's were arrested, beaten, spit on and hosed by staunch segregationist when they refused to succumb to orders.

    There is no money tree in my backyard.

    The matter is on appeal, Appellate Court case NO. BR050017 where the appointed attorney is Roya Milder who does not share my heritage as required in the Declaration of Independence pursuant to the word consanguinity. This is not her job!

    If black politicians and black lawyers do not have the guts or the ability to protect the money due to one of their constituents after 30 years employment even though the 13th AMENDMENT (anti-slave legislation), USC is a part of the constitution they have sworn to uphold, they are also effete at providing jobs that allow their constituents to enjoy the inalienable rights pursuant to ARTICLE I, CC, the reason most black men are a part of the prison population today.

    This is no court matter, but a political matter. Black politicians, including President Barack Hussein Obama, have made themselves expendable.

    I am anxious to discover whether or not you, Attorney-General Kamala Harris, are a part of that useless herd or whether you march to the tune of the Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa.


    Esther M. Lofton




















    "Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee greets illegal immigrant children with candy" by Kellan Howell, Washington Times, July 4, 2014.


    “LAPD stops honoring some federal immigration detention requests” by Emily Alpert Reyes, LA Times, July 7, 2014

    Selected Excerpt:

    California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris recently advised police agencies that if California courts hold to the same reasoning as in the Oregon case, police could be found to have violated the 4th Amendment by detaining someone solely based on an immigration request. California lawmakers had already opted to limit such immigration holds last year, permitting them only for inmates charged with or convicted of serious offenses.



    ........California Attorney General Kamala Harris promoting Constitutional Protections for millions of illegal aliens....many being criminal by just being here or by committing felonies, who are not citizens or legal immigrants, who can't vote, should be deported.............




    YouTube:“Elected Black Leaders Trash the Essence of what it Means to be an Elected Official” by mll1127, December 12, 2013


    CNN i-Report: “Corruption in the LA County Sheriff’s Department also includes corrupt court officials in the Inglewood& Culver City Courts all while elected Black Leaders, Judges & Lawyers Remain Silent or Become Co-conspirators in the Oppression of U.S. born Blacks!” by TheTruth53, 12-12-2013

    .....................while CA Attorney General Kamala Harris and/or other elected Black leaders/public servants ignore valid petitions for redress, play games of deceit, and/or betray law abiding U.S. born Black men, women, and children, who petition his, her, or their Black elected officials for redress when agents and officials of government violate Blacks without good cause or justification.

    President Barack Obama, Congressman John Lewis, other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, CA Attorney General Kamala Harris, 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, etc., etc., could do a lot more to help Black Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., by competently upholding his or her oath of office, the Constitution and laws of every State and Nation which will:

    1. Move U.S. born Black men, women, and children up from poverty.

    2. Strengthen Black families.

    3. Hold public and private individual(s), organization(s), etc., accountable and financially liable for violating the lawful rights of countless U.S. born Black men, women, and children.

    ........this being the reality, U.S. born Blacks should take action to impeach, recall, and/or vote these disgraceful elected officials out of office, to replace all of them with other individuals who are truly competent, and who will truly serve U.S. citizens, namely U.S. born Blacks, and legal immigrants.
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