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    Posted July 8, 2014 by
    District of Columbia

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    ADULT FRIEND FINDER.... an Expose' (Part Two)

    After getting into what I found to be a horribly disturbing situation (chatting with some rather sick people) I learned from my newly found friend of the abuses that she suffered at the hands of people who pretended to be her friends that turned on her like a pack of wild dogs.

    The trauma induced by the others in the chat room was horrible in that after meeting up with the "boss" of one of the others, he went to her house and she became extremely upset when this man began to fondle her in front of her son. When she told her so called friends the employee of this man went to such extremes that she faked her death and the group of people in the chat room, which now appears to be a clique (if you're not with them, you're against them) They began to blame my friend for causing the death of the woman who pretended to be her friend, I learned about this after two years of her being attacked blamed and bullied by the chat room clique for two years. I was shocked and surprised at how these regular people turned into cold heartless sick individuals who sought to cause her pain and and every chance they got.

    Not just regular people but supposed professionals who work with children who pretend to be opponents of bullying by children in our schools.

    I also found that Facebook was another way that these people would get at her. I witnessed as one man threatened to shoot her if she were to attend one of their M&G (meet and greet) events, usually held at some local bar, or nightclub.

    I was trying to find out what this adult friend finder thing was all about and after what I have seen and witnessed I was in total shock.

    I shared my ireports about the chemical additives with anyone who shows any interest and in the process I exposed myself to these not so friendly people which turned out to be a bad thing for me and for possibly my wife.

    I will absolutely give my life to protect the love of my life (my wife) and I never even for a moment thought of the threats I got as something that was funny. After I was threatened I used my superior investigative skills and I identified the names and addresses of most of the those who made threats against me and my wife.

    All of this anger and hate came about because I chose to stand up for this lady who didn't ask for my help, I offered it. I saw what was going on and I could not believe my eyes, I mean I have read about this kind of bullying in the stories about some young girl who took her own life because of the overwhelming bullying that she endured in her school. And after I offered to help I was able to locate and find the person who faked her death so that my lady friend could be blamed. Some of the people in the chat room actually felt badly and were not aware that the woman faked her death and they actually apologized to my friend, but the others who were in on it, refused to do anything. They wont say they're sorry because they are worse bullies than any number of children. When adults act this way, how can they expect their children to be any different?

    Many would sit there and not say a word about the abuse while others would just egg it on. And, or participate and join in the fun times with trying to torture a woman who would not help anyone cheat on their spouse. She was admonished for wanting a man who doesn't belong to another.

    This was enough to get those man to treat her like she was some kind of freak. So when you have an active moral compass that isn't broken.

    In a place like Adult Friend Finder, if you wont have sex spontaneous sex with married men, you're not an acceptable endeavor, you're not worth the air you breathe. You are made to feel like you are something less than you are. To have morals in a place where married men (AND WOMEN) are having a free for all with other adults, some of whom have the same morals as my friend. Is just mind blowing.

    The way I was able to identify those who threatened me was that the one man, used the same name on other websites, one of which had his name plastered all over it. For people who are trying to hide their sexual indiscretions their privacy is the most important thing and they hide behind these chat room identities. But fortunately this one man wasn't so bright, After Identified him I simply went to the Facebook and found him there and then I found most of those people who were his friends on facebook. His arrogance and ignorance is legendary. Claiming to be the owner of some sort of executive protection service, private detecting and other endeavors that should be kept private were all compromised and all those friends who hoped to remain anonymous were all exposed.

    And I told them exactly what I did, I took the threats seriously and as a result they were all exposed. While I could add all their names to this story, I will not as it's not my place to make them take notice that the notion that they are safe on some website like Adult Friend Finder is nothing but a farce.

    You're not safe, not by a long shot!

    You're exposed to druggies, thugs, criminals of all types, Do you think that there might be some sex offenders looking for a date on one of these websites?

    Do you think that woman/man with Hep-C is thinking about telling you that he/she has something that will kill your spouse and, or children when you innocently give them a kiss good night?

    Do you think that guy who sliced up that woman with a razor blade could possibly be your next hot date?

    Do you think that woman who says sure... I'll do whatever you want.... for a price is interested in whether or not you, or the last ten guys used a condom?

    In the end.... is anybody safe? Anybody at all?

    After my experiences with these people, learning who they are, learning what kind of work they do..... When I got out into public and I see people..... a teacher, or school bus driver, police officer, nurse, doctor, My God, they're everywhere in every walk of life.

    I wonder is that guy another of those people in the chat room bullying that lady?
    Is that woman teaching my children safe? The bus driver shuttling our children around to and from school.

    Do you know if your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, future spouse is, or has been with some one who has been passed around by God knows whom?

    My first two spouses were cheaters, They cheated on me and as far as I know they've cheated on their new spouses as well.

    And when you, they, we, us are in the throws of passion and are in a heated sexually driven triste with someone who has been around the block a few times on one of the Various Networks websites and its members. Can you really say that you feel safe?

    How well do you know the person you are with? Especially when they only tell what they want you to know?

    I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed and if you think you're safe from any of this.... You may have a rude awakening waiting for you in the not so distant future.

    I can't begin to describe the things I have seen on some of the Various Networks websites, And you very simply cannot imagine just how far people will go with regards to BDSM and sexual fetishes. Honestly it's quite scary and I don't even like to think about the things I have seen in the images and the descriptions of what some people are looking for. It's not for the faint of heart.

    I can't even look at people the same anymore. Who is the person that is driving your child to and from school?
    Who's that guy you just let into your home to install your Cable TV? Your dishwasher?

    Do you know what your spouse is doing on that smartphone of theirs during their lunch breaks?

    I cant count how many times a businessman, or woman has come into the chatroom from some city thousands of miles away saying... Hey, I'll be in DC the weekend of July 4th, Who wants to play? Most often... that does not include their spouse!

    Do you know who, or what your husband, or wife is doing? Your boyfriend, or girlfriend?

    Well I think we're gonna end up with part three now!
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