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    Immigration: Something Both Sides want to Resolve

    We all come from immigrants. However times have changed.And these are not legal immigrant. The immigrants today are coming to America and are honestly taking our tax money for nothing. That is not the american dream. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law. If you a breaking the law you should be punished. However, there is a strong group of people who want protect the illegal immigrants, they want to spend our tax payers money to house and feed them and welcome them to america. "Thanks for breaking the law, it was a good choice have a place to stay and some food, relax and enjoy your time."

    Recently, a company in Wisconsin is being sued by the government because the require their employees to speak English. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/brittany-m-hughes/federal-gov-t-sues-wisconsin-company-says-english-language

    Are you kidding me?! Have we gotten to the point in which we need to not only pay for their welfare, raise their children, but now companies are not allowed to force them to speak a language we all should know and be taught? If you want to come to america, learn the language. Everyone who came here before had to learn it to survive. Common sense.

    The best solution is for every individual that wants to save them, they need to house them, feed them, raise them, teach them English and ensure they become productive members of society.

    We have enough problems with wasted tax dollars, we are not taking care of our own as well as we could. So anyone that thinks we should just let them all in, you are responsible for them financially. If there are left over kids because no one will take them in, they get deported.

    It is easy for people to say, save them! Because its not their money. But the second people tell you to pay for it, they all back away and understand the truth. Good intentions can cause the greatest harm.
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