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    Your stories from the Middle East

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    Egypt Pictures

    I was in Egypt in 2009, and at that time I considered it one of my favorite countries I'd ever been to. I found everyone to be so nice and hospitable, and the food was AMAZING. There was also something so visceral about being there--like you were walking somewhere with more history and legacy than other place in the world.

    One of my favorite stories of any that I tell is from Egypt when we wanted to go on a camel ride. We thought we'd be getting a ride around the pyramids, but got a tour of the back-alleys of Cairo instead! A small 9-year old boy was guiding my camel, and as we made our way down a narrow street, dozens of Arab men came flooding out of a building, yelling and screaming and fighting....all while our camels (and mine led by a little boy!) were led through the street brawl. After 30 minutes of walking by apartment complexes, with people all staring at us curiously from their windows and balconies, we arrived at a big pile of garbage that horses were eating out of, next to a very tall wall. When we turned around, we saw the very tips of the pyramids over the wall.....so they DID manage to take us around the pyramids, but we ended up getting a totally different tour than most people do, LOL. It made for a very memorable time....what we lovingly called our Garbage Ghetto Camel Tour.

    Although I didn't get many pictures of my time there because I was in meetings all day, these are some of my favorites:

    1: Shaded corridors
    2: Lovely palms and architecture
    3: A smoke machine had just blown through the patio area to get rid of flies...it made for some very pretty pictures
    4: Sunsets in Egypt were a rich yellow-orange tint because of all the Sahara sand in the air
    5: In the shade of the pyramid
    6: The Great Pyramids
    7: Me at the Sphinx
    8: Riding the camel with the little boy guiding me
    9: My camel and my little guide....the camel actually smiled for the picture, which was pretty awesome...
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