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    Posted July 9, 2014 by
    new york city, New York

    Disc jockeys now complaints What is the basic equipment for mixing

    A good material to start

    What is being praised by DJs, it is the DJ controllers for computer (mixer) disc jockeys now complaints : a mobile solution that meets two plates (the plates right and left on the camera) and a mixer (central zone to manage the volume, EQ, Cue ...) in a single tool. controlled by software mix everything.

    The council pro: the panel must have an integrated audio. The sound is well supported by the DJ deck, which allows to preview the mix before release. And a successful mix, also planning a DJ headphone which is specially designed for the mix. Not to mention, a pair of speakers Home Studio (with a neutral sound) to listen to your mix tests at home and a pair of stereo speakers to broadcast your music at your parties.

    What are the criteria to be taken into account on a DJ turntable?
    2 important points to consider are, in my opinion, features and reliability.
    If you plan to organize parties regularly and intensively use your hardware, it will focus controllers mixing metal for example.
    Disc jockeys now complaints In terms of functions, when a beginner, it is best to choose a deck that offers basic functions such as Loop or Sample and is simple to use thanks to its intuitive software. DJ Control Instinct and Hercules DJ Control Air allow to understand the mix easily for example.
    If you're already a little more comfortable with the mix, you can move towards models like the DJ 4 Set (intermediate) or 2 RMX DJ (expert) Hercules, offering more options functions or mix effects and superior audio quality.

    Successful new year mix

    How to choose music?
    The first thing to do is to choose music that we will distribute to the audience who will be present during the evening. For example, if I host an evening with my uncle who fifty years, my grandfather who sixties and my little sister who has a dozen years, I will not go through the same if I mix music for my friends who are between 18 and 25 years. The primary rule is to choose music that will please the public. You must be familiar with your music library and find out what pieces fit together.

    How to organize my animation?
    A mix is to pass a piece A to B through the transition as pleasant as possible for the public. Here's how to get organized:
    Before the mix, you try small chains of 3-4 pieces of different types: funk, house, rock ... You can, in a series have different styles (eg modern and ancient), but must maintain consistency.

    The mix is the continual improvisation. So be attentive to his audience: look at the impact of your mixes (way of dancing, reaction according to the ages ...) and adapt yourself. Plan to calmer pics and moments for a successful mix. It should also not go too fast, if you do not hold your audience in top shape for 4 hours. Last tip should be in the evening to feel when accelerating or decelerating.

    The council pro: do not prepare a ready mix in advance. You may end up with nothing if your selection does not catch the public. Rather organize your music by styles and then juggle them according to the impact on your audience.

    The tricks of the pro for the new year
    To avoid a gap between the parts when starting in the mix, use the Sync function. It automatically synchronizes the rhythm of two pieces to avoid any false note.

    Prefer the extended (extended) versions that radio versions of your music for an intro and an exit. This will allow you to more easily mix and have more impact. For titles and mixes fashionable, search the Internet radio playlists, DJs and discos, this is the best barometers!

    Dare mixtures! What a hit in the clubs, it is the Mashup. This is take two tracks of different styles or different times and mix. You can mix styles of music such as Hip-Hop and electronics, or mix with Adele David Guetta.

    Finally, to start the evening and feel the mood, play different sets of music for 15 minutes and adapt yourself to what the public prefers. And most importantly have fun!
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