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    Posted July 9, 2014 by

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    Time Travel. Tak's conquest of ancient Middle Eastern Africa.


    Play by play.
    Dramatically and drastically in search of the origins of blind bias, censorship and indoctrination.
    Take a trip.
    Way back to 427 B.C. with a newsman from 1977 reporting live from the scene. (No, not Will Ferrell but yet another time traveler versed in the ways of quantum separation and movement between the layers of time).
    William (also known as Bob) enters as the encompassed hero to claim. Readying for any challenge, especially those of an impending intergalactic nature he prepares himself, helmet and glasses adorned.
    Charlie his side kick is along for the recording, and in much anticipation of the impending thrust as being required of any dedicated cohost.
    Bob > “Ok, We’re there”
    Charlie > Where?
    Bob > “In central Africa” “1977….Darn it!...I meant 427 B.C.”
    Charlie > “I didn’t feel nothing Bill”
    Bob > "Told ya it's Bob, not Bill", “Of course not, it’s the latest in time traveling techno” “Just like those new fancy automobiles we drive now with automatic cigarette lighters”.
    Charlie > “Where should we go?”
    Bob > “Not far, just outside our landing spot” “We can’t stay long” “If we’re not back here in 5 minutes we’re stuck forever!” “This is the prototype you know”. “The knowledge we have from 1977 would blow the ancient inhabitants away and alter the course of time!” “We can’t risk it” “Plus we’d be here without shaving cream and a telephone”.
    Charlie > “Here comes a Monkey Bill..!”
    Bob > “Yes, Our perfect opportunity” “Ask the Monkey a question!” “Slow, realllll slow, and be careful, he’s dangerous”
    Charlie > “Monkey,,,,Uh…Sir…” “What do you think of your current state of affairs?”
    Monkey > uuuu,,,eeee, oooo - - “Republicans Good, Democrats Bad”….uuuu,,,eeee,oooo.
    Bob > “Oh my, they can speak just like us! Go ahead Charlie ask another!
    Charlie > “Ok, Bill” Here comes an Orangutan”
    Bob > “Go ahead, ask em’, ask em” '"And call me Bob, not Bill".
    Charlie > “Mr. Orangutan,,,,Uh…Sir” “What do you think of your current state of affairs?”
    Orangutan > “uuuu,,,eeee,oooo – “Democrats Good, Republicans bad”….uuuu,,,,eeee,oooo.
    Bob > “Let’s get outta here!”
    Charlie > “Why Bill?”
    Bob > “Cause we have seen the future in the past and nothing has changed!!”

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