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    Posted July 10, 2014 by
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    Pervasive Apathy about the Things that Really Matter


    Just one week ago the SCOTUS made their controversial decision about whether Hobby Lobby would be required to provide the birth control methods that they deemed would infringe on their religious freedom. The response to this decision was over the top from both the people and from our government. Citizens took notice and argued the issue for days and the senate has quickly begun to work on legislation that would attempt to upend the decision. So much excitement over reproductive rights…again.


    While I understand the IRS scandal to be a slow grind with information trickling out a drip at a time, I am still amazed that there has not been more public outcry at the recent revelation that Lois Lerner and all of her potentially damning e-mails were lost. Just yesterday it was released that when Lerner realized that the e-mails might come under congressional scrutiny, she warned her co-workers to watch what they were putting into the e-mail system. She also inquired about whether the in-house texting system would also be saved and therefore be under congressional scrutiny. While this is not a smoking gun per se, the mounting circumstantial evidence is pretty incredible in my opinion. The IRS has so much power over Americans…with the passage of Obamacare their control grew over us even more and where it the outrage that they appear to be covering up the details of the bad behavior that they publicly apologized for? They have so much more power to mess with our lives than this Hobby Lobby decision and yet…this story has largely been ignored. When people hear that the
    E-mails were lost, there seems to be a collective eye roll and yeah right and then people move on.


    Currently the story of the day is the unaccompanied minors crossing our southern border. On June 30 the president basically said that there is nothing much he can do until the republicans pass the senate immigration bill. What is disingenuous about his statement is that the comprehensive immigration bill would not fix this. Apparently amending the trafficking law passed in 2008 would do more to fix the issue and yet where is the senate on this one? Just yesterday, the president accused the congress of playing politics and preventing a solution to the problem. Instead of amending the legislation the president is asking for money, money continue to take care of these kids as they cross the border and I suppose eventually get them back home. Of course there is conflict when it comes to money.


    Here is what Senator John McCain is saying: “The first step should be to revise the 2008 law. He said he couldn't support the president's $3.7 billion request "unless there are provisions in that legislation which would bring an end to this humanitarian crisis."


    I bring this up because in just one week, the senate was able to craft some legislation about the Hobby Lobby decision and this issue has been simmering for years now.


    Why don’t Americans care about the important stuff and why do they lose their minds over the seemingly little stuff in comparison. Look at the lack of interest in our government spying on us, they just admitted that they are collecting more info than they initially admitted to keeping. Look at the rampant murder that is occurring in Chicago and the surrounding areas…if this keeps up and expands as it did this past weekend, our nation will look like these countries where drug cartels rule and life is dangerous for the average American.


    So, why so apathetic America

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